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Bridge before excavation starts
Existing Micklefield Railway - Top soil stripped from the build area to the East side of the bridge.

Micklefield old bridge carrying the A1M
Existing Bridge - topsoil stripped up to the top of the railway embankment. 

Excavation on the South abutment
Bulk Dig on the Southern embankment work in progress. 

South abutment dig progressing
Southern embankment being excavated during normal working. 

Heras boundary fence erected on the south side
Site/railway boundary fence erected and concrete in on the south embankment. 

Dig in progress on the North abutment
Bulk Dig underway on the North embankment - works being undertaken during normal working. 

Bulk dig in progress on the North abutment
Bulk dig in progress on the North embankment.

Micklefield following completion of the bulk dig
View on the site -Bulk dig in progress - existing bridge with the A1M running over. 

North abutment fence erected + crushed stone stockpiled
North Abutment - Boundary fence installed - Stone being stockpiled for the reinforced Earth walls.

North abutment stone stockpiled
Stone stockpiled on the North abutment  

Excavation completed on the North and south abutments
Bulk dig completed with fences erected ready for Reinforced concrete wall. 

Stone stockpiled on the South abutment
South abutment stone being crushed - graded and stockpiled. 

Crushing Plant and panels on site
Stone being crushed graded and stockpiled - Concrete panels being being stacked up ready to start the concrete retaining wall.

Stone being crushed + more panels on site
Stone being crushed + panels stockpiled. 

South Abutment Panels being installed
Gatwick Rail erecting reinforced earth panels. On the South Abutment. 

North abutment panels being installed
North Abutment - reinforced earth panels being erected and aligned using the acow props. 

Panels progressing on both abutments
Reinforced Earth abutments works progressing on both the North and South abutments. 

Trains running during wall build
Reinforced Earth walls progressing during normal working with trains running at all times. 

North abutment complete ready for blinding
North Abutment - Reinforced earth completed and top surface levelled ready for blinding concrete. 

South abutment base reinforcment and Formwork being set
Southern abutment - reinforcement and Formwork being fixed ready for concrete. 

North abutment steel fixing
North Abutment - concrete blinding laid  - steel fixing in progress  

South Abutment cast
Southern abutment concreted - ready for concrete plinths and wingwalls. 

North Abutment base being cast
North abutment base - being concreted. 

South Abutment bearing plinths being cast
Southern abutment - concrete bearing plates being cast. No fines concete being placed from the back of the wagon - formwork created with concrete blocks. 

South abutment - wingwall being cast
Wingwall formwork set up - with pump ready to place concrete. 

North Abutment formwork being lifted into place
North Abutment - base cast. North abutment formwork being rected ready for concrete. 

North Abutment concrete pump getting ready to cast the abutment
North abutment formwork set up ready for concrete. 

South abutment crane off loading concrete beams
Crane off loading concrete beams - Note the cheek walls cast on the abutments. 

Crane lifting beams from the transport lorry
Crane off loading beams. 

Bridge Edge beams being delivered to site
Edge beams being delivered at night under traffic management bringing them in of the A1M South. 

Edge bea being off loaded - Dean Rose
Edge beam being lifted clear of the delivery wagon - Dean Rose controlling the lifting operations. 

Crane landing the edge beam on to temporary support blocks
Edge beams being set up onto two concrete stillages. 

Bridge edge beams set up and work progressing on the Wingwalls
Works progressing on the south abutment.  

H4a parapets steel being installed by Balmer Lindley
H4a  parapet posts being set up on the edge beams. 

Scaffold painting enclosure for H4a parpets
 Tent installed to enable the parapets to be painted. 

H4a Parapets being painted inside the enclosures
Balmer Lindley installing the H4a parapets - paint being applied. 

North abutment -bearing plinths and cheek wall being set up for casting
North abutment - cheek wall formwork being put in place + final section of concrete plinths. 

Bearings being set up on the plinths
Elastomeric bearings being set up on the concrete plinths.  

North abutment bearing plinths and cheek walls ready (only just)
North Abutment works in progress - Cheek walls complete + bearing plinths ready. 

South Abutment ready - parapets painted and sheeted - crane being rigged
Sarens Crane being built up on the South Abutment.  

Crane being rigged ready for the man possession
Crane being being rigged ready for lifting. 

Beams arrive on site for the possession
Beams being delivered to site ready for off loading. 

Crane lifting the edge beams with back mast and superlift
Crane lifting in the edge beams - TJC 3200. Lifting with superlift. 

Edge beams being lifted anto place
Bridge edge girder being lifted into place. The edge beam being located onto the elastomeric bearing and cheek walls. 

Post Possession beams set in place
Post Possession - edge beams installed along with five internal beams all locked together with McAlloy bars. 

Beams installed after the first possession.
View on the Norh abutment looking over towards the internal beams. 

Backmast removed so that beams can be off loaded durng normal hours
Crane off loading bridge beams - Note the back mast has been removed to enable the crane to work during normal working. 

Beams being delivered - drainage ducting being welded together.
 Beams being delivered to site - drainage ducting being fitted out ready for installation between the beams.

Beams being placed in the possession
2nd possession installing internal beams and walkways installed to connect up the McAlloys between the beams. 

Excavator being used to connect the lifting cables
360 deg excavator being used to pull the lifting cables between the lifting points. 

Epoxy Mortar bed ontop of the elastomeric bearings + temporary support blocks.
Temporary Blocks being set up with Epoxy (Fosroc)  mixed and laid on top of the bearing.

MaCalloy Bars ready for installation.
McAlloy bars and fixings made up ready for installation.

Beams installed after the second possession.
Beams installed - Six central beams still to be installed. 

Drainage pipe work being being set up ready for lifting
Drainage duct being set up for lifting during the possession. 

Third possession last of the beas being installed
Crane lifting in the final set of beams during possession. 

Drainage pipework being lifted into place.
Swords Installing GRP panels - view across the deck looking over the scaffold walkway - Drainage ducting being lifted into place. 

Drainage pipe being lifted into place -while GRP being installed
GRP being installed + Drainage duct being lifted into place.

Post Possession beams complete + pipes installed
View on the drainage duct installed between the bridge beams. 

GRP partially installed beams installed + walkway for installing McAlloys
View at deck level looking across the GRP - Note the lifting loops on the beams - these will eventually be burned off. 

Crane being prepared for derigging
Crane with the boom laid flat ready for de-rigging. 

Tower Scaffold being used in the possession to fit pipe fixings
Tower Scaffold being used in possessions to connect up the hangers on for the drainage ducts. 

GRP panels being installed across the deck
Swords installing GRP on the bridge deck in very poor wet weather conditions. 

Heavy Rain during the posession.
Very heavy rain slows progress in the railway possession. 

GRP fitted out on the deck - McAlloys can be seen on the deck
GRP panels fully installed on the deck. Photo shows the McAlloy bars connected up on the deck set on the cast in plate on the beam.

View on Pipe fixing between the beams
View looking at the connecting detail fixing the drainage duct onto the concrete beams without the need for drilled fixings. 

Steel fixing in progress on the deck
Steel fixing in progress on the bridge deck. 

Steel fixing progressing - stop end going in down the deck centre.
Steel fixing on the deck - stop end being installed on the deck. 

Snow slows down progress
Heavy snow slowing progress on the bridge deck. 

Steel fixing slowed by snow
Steel being fixed to the screen wall - snow on the deck. 

MaCalloy Connectors on the deck
View on the Steel plate  cast into the beams with McAlloy bars fixed through the plates. 

Reinforcement fixed around the ducts in the diapraghm
Steel reinforcement fixed to the Screen wall - Note the duct cast in with bars fixed into the top of the duct. 

Screen wall Formwork being set up on the North Abutment
Formwork being erected to the Screen wall - note the ducts running through the Formwork. 

South Abutment and deck set
Formwork set up on the deck ends - Steel fixed on the deck. 

Concrete to the south screen wall and deck
Deck being cast during normal working with the concrete pump placing concrete from the Southern abutment. 

Concrete being placed with pump with the lines open below
Concrete pump placing concrete on the deck - during normal working. 

South Screen wall and southern half of the deck cast
South end of the bridge deck and screen wall cast - with formwork removed.

North Screen Wall and deck being cast.
North Screen wall and deck being concreted - concrete pump located at the south abutment - concrete being placed during normal working. 

Concrete completed on the deck.
Concrete deck being power floated. 

Formwork being stripped from the screen walls
Concrete covered over to provide protection from wind and low temperatures. 

Formwork Removed from the deck and screen walls
Forework stripped out form the North abutment screenwall. 
Edge beam on hard wood backs on the cheek walls
View on the cheek wall with the hardwood timber wedges supporting the edge beams. 

Bridge Deck waterproofed
Bridge deck waterproofed and tack coated. - note the parapet sheeted in. 

Deck open to site traffic - wingwall parapets being completed
Wingwalls and parapets being constructed - Note the temporary haul road constructed over the deck. 

Rolling Block cast in two sections
Concrete rolling block cast on the end of the deck. 

Bridge Buried joint being formed by USL
Rolling blocks completed on the North end of the deck. Sand carpet being broken back to enable bridge joints to be installed.

Saw cut in the black top at the buried joints
Buried joint top cuts being formed in the wearing course. The new road nearing opening.

Micklefield Bridge open with TM in place
Bridge open to traffic with parapets completed and safety fence installed. 

Micklefield Open to traffic with the old bridge ready of demolition.
View on the New structure with the bridge open to traffic. The old structure no available for demolition. 

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