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Existing Railway Line running into Bingham
View on the location of the new Railway bridge at Bingham.

Existing railway on the embankment
Track level looking along the length of the existing trough route.

South side of the existing Embankment 1st Visit by David Millar
David Millar - first visit to site view across the southern build area.

North Embakment 1st view by David Millar
David Millar - first visit to site view across the North side of the existing embankment.

Network Rail Site visit -Assett Managment review
View at embankment level - site visit with Ntework Rail to look at S&T + P Way.

Existing Structure View at track level
View on existing structure carrying the railway over the A46.

Topsoil strip on the southern side of the embankment.
South side of the existing embankment - John Jones top soil strip.

View on Existing Embankment with train running
Existing embankment cleared of trees and bushes - top soil stripped up to the railway boundary fence.

Old embankment being removed - trial.
Reduntant embankment being excavated by John Jones - time study and check on the material. 

Access Gate improvements - new gate installed
New access (11d) gate installed with the roadway hardened up.  

BBGE Trial Bores
BBGE on site to carry out pile trial works - note noise and vibration monitoring being undertaken.

Third Scale casing being installed during the trial.
Trial pile casing being installed to carry out an evaluation of the water ingress and soil conditions. 

Survey of the S&T + survey showing pile ctrs red spots.
Setting out check on the pile positions - the red dot is the pile position !! 

South side - temporary fence installed
Heras fence with blue netlon installed at the base of the existing embankment.

Geotextile and stone being placed in the site compound build area
Geotextile - laid in the build area - 500mm thickness of 6F5  Material.

Stone Going Down + Network Rail Cabins arrive
Stone being laid in the site compound build area - Network Rail cabins being delivered to site and set up. 

Rectory Junction Signal Box
View over to Rectory Junction Signal box. Visited with Roy Ashforth.

Birse Rail carried out a survey of the Existing Structure
1st railway possession - Birse Civils carry out a survey of the existing structure.

Water being sprayed on the stone to keep dust down.
Water being sprayed on the build area to dampen down the dust from the stone. 

South side - stone being placed and compacted.
Build area on the southern side John Jones progressing the works.

North side access being created  ramp being installed
North side - platform works underway - capping stone being laid - Class 2 Being run in to start the piling platform. 

South side John Jones starting to install a ramp as part of the piling platform.
On the south side of the existing bridge - Class 2 being built up as a ramp up to the piling platform.

North side boundary fence installed.
North side of the existing embankment - bottom capping stone layer laid through to the existing embankment toe.

South Abutment - work started to tie into the embankment.
On the south side stone being extended into the bottom of the existing embankment.

Stone being placed and compacted along the bottom of the embankment
South side 6F5 being extended across to the toe of the existing embankment.

South Side -stone layer installed with geotextile and fill material being placed Class 2
North side of the embankment stone laid and compacted with geotextile over laid with Class 2.

South Abutment  Class 2 fill being placed in the embankment.
Piling platform underconstruction - however the Form C design for embankment was not fully signed off by Network Rail hence the gap between the existing embankment and the platform. 
North ebankment fill being placed note gap as Network Rail Have note signed off the Form C to tie into the embankment.
Piling platform being formed on the North side - note the gap between the embankment and the existing platform.

Cable survey highlighted a number of major Cable problems
Cable survey by Global rail highlighted a number of issues with the cables - the photograph above highlights very poor cable conditions and joints.

Temporary Casting beds being excavated by John Jones with MRC place the concrete.
Casting beds being created in the yard on the southern side of the embankment.

Casting Bed being set up - 1st pour set ready for casting.
Casting beds screed rails being set up for casting to level. 

Casting bay levelled with anchorages cast in - abutment marked out
Casting beds being marked out for steel fixing.
Steel cage being fixed - Note the timbers being used to stop the cage falling over.
Steel reinforcement being fixed on the casting bed - note the polythene sheet and temporary support timbers to give stability to the reinforcement cage.

West Abutment reinforcment being fixed.
Western impost unit - reinforcement being fixed.

Dave Shakesheaf Global Rail and Peter Storey Network rail carrying out a survey on the S&T
Global Rail and Network rail carrying out a joint inspection of the S&T. 

North side Network Rail allow works to go ahead with the embankment tie in
With the Form C signed off John Jones were able to start the infilling between the existing embankment and piling platform. 

South Embankment being filled next to the existing embankment.
John Jones - connecting up the southern piling platform to the existing embankment.

Southern section of Reinforced Earth being installed by John Jones Nigel James on the Roller.
Reinforced earth wall being created at the end of the North platform to eliminate the loading on the wingwalls of the existing bridge. 
South Embankment piling platform under construction
Southern platform being installed and tied into the embankment. 

North piling platform being tied into the existing embankment.
North embankment class 2 being tied into the embankment. 

East Abutment Wall being Cast
East Impost unit -  concrete being placed by concrete pump. 

Formwork Stripped from the East Abutment.
Formwork stripped from the East Impost unit ready for concrete finishing. 

South Platform trench dug with temporary works manholes on site.
Geotextile trench excavated + manhole rings on site ready for building the bridge deck.

Steel being fixed to the West Abutment
Steel fixing in progress to the West  Impost - note the use of MEWP's to fix the reinforcement.

6F5 being placed on the top of the platform - geotextile rolled down the embankment to give erosion control.
Erosion control geotextile put down the embankment - tied into the bottom of the embankment. 6F5 being placed as running surface for the heavy plant. 

North corner reinforced earth under construction.
Reinforced Earth being constructed on the Northern corner of the platform - required to keep the loading of the existing bridge wingwalls.

Stone being placed to the top of the south embankment.
Stone running surface on the south platform in progress with the trench used to pin the erosion membrane fixed in place. 
Stone being placed as close as possible to the existing emabankment.
The geotextile on top of the Class 2 was tied in with a trench and pins running along the edge of the blue netlon fence line. 

South Embankment being covered in stone
Stone being stockpiled and rolled and spread using a dozer and roller. 

Reinforced Earth North Embankment corner
Reinforced wall in the North East corner being built up in layers not the timber red/white caps used to protect operatives from sharp edges on the reinforcement.

Sheet piling being undertaken on the south piling platform.
Sheet piling - Ivor King carrying out sheet piling works on the completed platforms. 

Sheet piles installed during the possession + platform conneceted to Railway.
View at track level with the piling platform and track tied in and first section of sheet piles installed.

Sheet piles being installed on the South embankment
Ivor King - installing sheet piles at track level during short week night possessions.

North reinforced earth being constructed
North Eastern corner reinforced earth corner being constructed by John Jones - note the interlocking geotextile and reinforcement. 

Sheet piles being installed with the top 1m cut down.
Each set of sheet piles installed in the possession were trimmed down by 1m and a steel top frame installed. 

Temporary works guide walls being installed.
Temporary works system was created using manhole rings as guide walls. Note the rings fixed in two halves split by plywood sheet. 

Temporary works being excavated out
Temporary works sheet piles being excavated out ready for manhole rings.

West Abutment - steel reinforcement being fixed for the rebuild.
Steel fixing started on the impost unit. 

Phase 1 cable move being undertaken - sheet piles bing installed on the North Piling Platform.
Sheet piling being undertaken on the North piling platform with the Phase I cable move completed. 

West Abutment set up for recasting.
West Abutment Formwork being fixed ready for concrete - work in progress installing timber baulks as edge protection.

Manholes being installed in the temporary works.
North Piling platform - half manhole rings being installed as guide walls for the main piling. 

Manhole set up and filled with sand and surrounded in concrete.
Once installed the inside of the rings were filled with sand and the gap between the rings and the sheet piles filled with weak concrete.

Re-cast West abutment formwork removed.
West Impost  - cast. Note the lifting pins set to pick up on the lifting beams.

South piling embankment - fences, stop blocks stone rolled flat.
South Piling platform - fences set up and timber baulks set up as edge protection.

East abutment set up with temporary works manholes put in place.
East Impost units set up with temporary works manholes being set up to enable the bridge to be built. 

Abutments fitted out with temporary works to prevent them being kncked over.
Temporary wall support installed to prevent the wall being knocked over.

Central supports concreted manholes temporary works.
Temporary manholes being set up as support stillages for the bridge build. 

BBGE arrive on site - Crawler and Piling rig on site.
BBGE arrive on site - piling rig being built up on the South compound - 120t crawler crane also being rigged up. 

Phase 1 cable fixed on the sleepers
View on phase I - temporary cable route fixed down onto the sleepers with threaded bar (never did get paid for any of this bar either!)

North Abutment - Piling rig and crawler crane arrive on site.
BBGE arrive on site to build up the piling rig and 120t crawler crane on the Northern piling platform.

First reinforcement cage and pile case delivered and offloaded.
Reinforcement cages and steel pile cases were delivered and set up ready for lifting and intallation during the 1st main 30hr possession. 

1st - 30hr possession installing piles
Piling works in progress with BBGE carrying out piling on both platforms.

Piling rigs carrying out the pre- bore at track level.
Piling in progress on both platforms. John Jones clearing the spoil raised from the bores.

Pile casings being lifted into the pre-bore.
Pile casing being lifted into place ready for driving.

View of the piling at night from the compound
View on the piling platforms - rigs and cranes working at night.

Crane fitted with the vibro hammer to drive the casing into the ground
Pile casing being vibrated into the ground with hammer suspended form the crawler crane.

Drill rig drilling down inside the casing.
Piling rig drilling down inside the casing.

Reinforcement cage being lifted into position on the South Piling Platform
Reinforcement cage lifted into a vertical position ready for installation.

Steel reinforcement set in place - with central tremie pipe installed ready for concrete.
Steel reinforcement cage hung to level from the case - tremie pile inserted ready for concrete.

Construction site limits + view on Cable cabinet moved during the night in the possession.
Global rail early in the 1st 30hr possession moved the cable location cabinet ready for sheet piles.

Engineering Train Passing through the work site.
The work site was suspended and turned back into a railway to allow the passage of an engineering train before the site being turned back into a construction site.

2nd Half of the North Central pier cage being fixed. Ian Boulstridge Looking On.
North side central pier top section of reinforcement cage being lifted into position.

Tremie in the pile concrete being placed from the wagon.
Concrete (supplied by La Farge) being placed direct 

Ivor King driving piles following the movement of the cable cabinet.
Ivor King Installing the final sheet pile cofferdam - available since the cble location cabinet has been moved.

Temporary works being excavated out to enable the guide wall to be installed.
John Jones excavating out a cofferdam ready for installation of the guide wall manhole rings.

Concrete manhole guide walls being installed and concreted
Manhole guide walls installed in two halves note the timber plywood split.

Top section of sheet piles being cut down.
Top section of the final sheet pile walls cut down by Ivor King.

Piles covered with steel cover frame.
Completion of the possession central pile cover installed and track open.

Mabey Bridge Steel work starting to arrive on site.
Normal working Mabey Bridge steel work arrived on site ready for installation steel being laid out ready.

Mabey Bridge steel being laid out on the East side of the structure.
Mabey Bridge setting up the cross girders - Mabey Bridge setting up the temporary works ready for steel erection.

Temporary plinths being set up on top of the supports.
MRC building plinths on top of the manholes ready for elastomeric bearings.

2nd Possession Crane lifting and unloading steel casing.
2nd 30hr possession - crawler crane lifting the pile casing form the transport lorry at platform level.

Piling Rig setting up to drill the pile.
BBGE starting to bore the North East corner Pile.

Rig drilling down through the sand in the guide wall.
Pile bore started - stone layer above the manhole rings with the sand in the centre.

Piling rig being centered up over the pile through the guide wall
Pre-bore started with off set pins set for the pile rig centre.

Piling rig drilling the prebore - John Johns cleaning up the spoil from the bore.
John Jones clearing up the spoil from the pre-bore.

Crane lifting the steel casing into the pre-bore.
Pre-bore on the South side with the steel casing being lifted into position.

Casing installed cranes about to put the Hammer on.
David Millar looking on with the pile casing on the South side being prepared for driving.

Casingbeing driven with the vibro hammer.
Vibrating hammer being suspended from the crawler crane ready to drive the casing.

Reinforcement cages delivered ready for lifting into place.
Southern Build area - steel reinforcement being delivered to site ready for lifting into place - note the sonic logging tubes.

Drilling rig hitting the hard Gypsum layer.
Drilling on going through the pile casing - note the dust - this is a hard gypsum band that the cutting head had problems breaking through.

Cutting head put on the rig to cut through the gypsum.
Cutting head changed over on the piling rig to cut and break up the gypsum layer.

Pile cleaning head attached to the piling rig.
View on the cleaning bucket for final cleaning of the bottom of the pile.

Alex Fullerton setting the pile cage.
Alex Fullerton on site looking after the steel reinforcement cage levels.

Jordan (with staff) and Steve Irwin (in orange)
Jordan, Steve and the BBGE site team setting pile concrete levels.

Tremie pipe being connected up lifted into place with the crawler crane
Crawler crane setting up the tremie concrete pump for installation in the piles.

Concrete being placed in the tremie
Tremie fixed in place held on the crane - concrete discharge into the hopper - Paul Begley looking on.

Crane lifting in the bottom section of reinforcement cage.
Reinforcement cage being lifted into position.

Steel cage locked off note the sonic logging tubes.
Bottom section of the central pier pile cage locked off ready for installation of the top section.

Top and bottom cages connected together.
Top section of the piling cage lifted and set in place - locked together with mechanical clamps.

Top Frame being welded into place by Ivor King.
Sunday morning - Ivor King - Sean welding the top frame into place on the final North corner sheet piles.

Elastomeric Bearings set up on the plinths.
Elastomeric Bearings set up on top of the temporary manhole stillages ready for steel erection.

Mabey Bridge 1st Main beams arrive on site.
Mabey Bridge - delivery of the main Girders to site.

Steel work being ereceted.
Mabey Bridge starting to erect the steel work in the Yard. 

Steel being erected
Steel man girders being erected in the Main compound - Note the use of the temporary works.

Steel being erected.
Mabey Bridge installing the outer girders - Note the props used to align the girders.

EMJ Panels being delivered to site
GRP being delivered to site form EMJ plastics. 

Main Girder joint being connected together for welding.
View on the joint - note the temporary cleats drawing the girders together with bolts. 

Mabey Bridge lifting in the Main Girders. West side being kept clear for BBGE piling works.
Mabey Bridge worked with BBGE to ensure that enough space was retained to allow access for BBGE in the 3rd 30hr Possession.

3rd Piling possession in progress casing being installed.
Final 30hr piling possession with the last 2nr piles being installed.

Pile rig drilling and cleaning out the bottom of the piles.
John Jones cleaning up the piling platform - Note the cleaning bucket on the rig.

BBGE Testing the sonic logging tubes
Sonic Logging tubes testing the piles.

Pile reinforcement cages being installed during the possession.
View on the piling platform with the reinforcement cage being lifted in.

Steel casing installed with typical gap to the concrete guide walls
View between the concrete manhole guide wall and the steel casing. The gap created for burning the casing.

Top section of the case doubled up for lifting and edge protection.
Top section of the steel casing being cut free before being covered with bespoke lid.

Final piles installed BBGE clearing site.
BBGE starting to demobilise the plant and equipment from site following completion of the piling.

Mabey Bridge building Western side of the Bridge
Mabey Bridge lifting in the Western half of the new bridge steelwork.

Bridge Girders being erected Rob Steven - Hoare and David Millar looking on
David Millar  - Looking on with Rob Stevens Hoare as Mabey Bridge lift in the bridge Girders.

BBGE stripping down the crawler cranes to leave site.
Crawler Crane being taken apart and demobilised from site.

Painting screens being installed to weld up the joints.
Steel work completed welding shelters being erected by Mabey Bridge.

Possession No 4  - Ivor King Movax rig removing the back face sheet piles.
Ivor King Movax rig on site removing the back face sheet piles on the Southern piling platform.

Steel casings  exposed with the front face manhole rings removed.
4th - 30hr possession the sheet piles were removed and the back half of the manhole rings broken away by John Jones.

Steel reinforcement delivered to site + bearing slap down plates delivered by Mabey Bridge.
Steel bottom landing plates delivered to site ready for installation.

Welding screens installed at the four connection points.
Welding screens set up at each of the four joints - welding in progress.

Typical weld inside one of the screens.
Welding in progress view on the welded joint.

Temporary Backfill around the pile casings on the South Side to create a build area for the New Rails.
Southern piling platform - temporary backfill placed around the pile cases to enable the P-way to be set up during normal working.

Possession No 5 - North Piling platfrom - temporary works being broken out.
5th - 30hr possession John Jones digging out the concrete guide walls - Ivor King Movax extracting the sheet piles. 

Global crossing cable works being undertaken to shift 3rd party cable.
Third Party Global Crossing - form a new manhole and extend the cable long enough for diverting.

View on the build area.
View on the bridge welding in progress - piles exposed on the North Platform ready for P-Way build.

Rails being set up on the South Piling platform with rails being welded to lengths.
Concrete sleepers set up with new rails being welded into 66 foot lengths for pulling into the Four foot in the 6th 30hr possession 

Possession No 6 -30hrs - RRV Lifting and moving the rails ready to move into position.
RRV Starting to move the long lengths of rail so that they can be pulled onto the track.

RRV on track pulling the rails onto the track.
RRV on track and pulling the rails into the four foot during the possession by BB Rail. 

Vibraton monitoring equipment
Vibration monitoring equipment being removed from the embankment - each recording head being dug out.

Rails laid out at the end of the possession. All the rails needed for christmas ready to go.
New rails laid out in the Cess and in the four foot ready for christmas.

Painting being undertaken - weather halting final coats.
MRC starting to prepare for the installation of the GRP panels on the bridge deck.

GRP being installed - Timber beam support being installed by MRC
MRC starting fixing falsework to the trimmer beams to carry the down stand concrete.

John Jones digging out the southern piling casing on the platform.
John Jones - digging out the manholes to gain access to the pile casings.

Pile casings cut open to give access to set up the bearing plates.
Ivor King cutting access holes into the pile casing to enable the bearing plates to be installed.

GRP ready for steel fixin on the bridge deck.
GRP installation progressing on the structure - Note the alignment of the fins on the panels and alignment with the shear studs.

View on the inside face of the girders at the welded joint.
Typical completed weld between the edge girders with the temporary cleats removed and painted.

View on the bridge from the site compound.
View on the bridge looking North - welding complete - however due to the weather the painting was not completed.

Steel Reinforcement being fixed on the deck by MRC
MRC carrying out the steel fixing on the bridge deck - steel being loaded out using a telehandler.

Two new signal cabinets built and installed by Global Rail.
Global Rail - install two new location cabinets and hardstanding.

Steel being fixed on the bridge deck.
Steel reinforcement being fixed on the bridge deck. 

Allied Drilling - drilling the anchorage holes for the holding down bolts.
Allied drilling - core holes for holding down bolts inside the pile casing. 

Deck being set up for casting.
Bridge deck being set up - note the timber detail stuck to the inside face of the girders.

Concrete pumps set up ready to cast the deck
MRC casting the deck with two concrete pumps - concrete being placed working form the deck ends to the central area. 

East End of the bridge deck being cast by MRC
Concrete being placed to the bridge deck East end

Pump 2 working at the West end of the deck. Note the free hand upstand.
Concrete being placed to the bridge deck West end

Concrete covered with polythene post pour with frost blanket placed over the polythene.
The deck was covered over with polythene sheet to provide protection form Frost.

Deck being cleared and worked on.
MRC working on the abutment nibs setting up shutters

Deck edge upstand set up - free hand formed.
View on the upstand detail with the joint cleaned - this detail for the upstand need looking at for future projects as it is very difficult to create.

Ballast Wall Corbals being cast Note the joint and lifters.
View on the bridge joint - 75mm gap with Wolfin strip cast in.

Steel channel being installed to carry cables in Phase II
Ivor King - installing the steel channel for cable route on the Northern piling platform.

John Jones excavating out the southern piling Platform.
The Southern piling platform being removed by John Jones.

Phase II cable move by Global Rail.
Phase II cable lift and shift in progress - moving the cable over into the new steel trough.

Electric cable traced back to Bingham Box
Power cable in the cable route - traced to a location cabinet at Bingham Signal box.

Location Cabinets moved - well done global Rail
Cable route lifted and shifted - old cable cabinets shifted out of the way. 

South Piling Platform removed and stoned up.
Drive path cleared and the 6F5 stone built up and rolled to create a solid surface. 

Bearing slap down plates being fixed ad grouted into place.
Typical bearing plate being set up in the piles. Yes the plate is not ment to be central.!! 

Phase II cable switch - electrical cable still to be moved.
Final Cable - Power cable no moved over - Scaffold edge protection set up around each of the pile locations.  

Phase II complete (cable bridge stays installed just by Ivor King - but the amount of slack means we shouldn't need the bridge)
David Millar - went a head with the installation of the cable bridge supports and anchorages. Installed by Ivor King. 

Concrete sleepers are stockpiled ready for Christmas + Cable stay tower for the cable bridge.
View on Cable bridge support and anchorage point - set 12m off set from the track. 

Bridge Build area levelled and stoned up ready for drive path.
View on the embankment form the South Build area. 

Snow & -13Deg C Don't Panic !!!
Heavy Snow hits the site and slows down progress - waterproofing due to start today. 

Snow at track Level .
Snow all over site with the trains running. 

Slightly Worried -13 deg Temperatures all week No work on site all week.
Waterproofing on site - but snow ice and freezing temperatures halting works. 

Deck being dried out - with the weather breaking for a few days - but it's only forecast to last a few days.
MRC / Balfour Beatty / Waterseal - cleaning up the deck trying to get it ready for waterproofing. 

Deck being dried out and cleaned down
Break in the weather allows preparation works for waterproofing to continue. 

Bridge Deck being Primed with the Temperatures up at 8 deg C.
Two day break in the weather allows the deck to be fully primed up. 

Working against the clock at the week end Waterseal complete the waterproofing.
Waterproofing was completed on the Sunday - with the temperatures up at 8 deg. 

Eve Trackway on site putting down the surface running track for the bridge drive.
Eve Track way installing the drive path up to the bottom of the Railway embankment. 

Waterseal laying the deck board to protect the waterproofing
GRC boarding being being laid - glued into place with servi-deck- Waterseal installing the Boards. 

Mammoet on site with 100t crane
100t Mammoet crane lifting in temporary works onto the bridge.

Excavator lifting and moving scaffold access frames.
Scaffold access frames being made up for installation in the possession - Trial lift by John Jones. 
Mammoet lifting the Carrier beams into place on the deck.
Mammoet installing temporary works beams - carrier beams deck impost connection. 

Tie bars and bolts - Dywidag bars 40mm and 26mm dia
Box od Bolts, connectors, Dywidag bars and dome nuts lockig nuts.

Mammoet crane on site - beams and power packs being laid out on site.
Mammoet - power packs for the jacks + carrier beams being loaded out. 

Bearings delivered to site being checked=
Bearings delivered to site form Ekspan - including the packing steel plates. 

BB Rail lifin ballast onto the Bridge
BB Rail lifting and loading out the bridge deck with Ballast - 55t crane lifting the rock skip. 
Bridge Beams lifted and fitted out on the bridge deck.
Mammoet installing the carrier beams on the deck. 

Ivor King - Sean cutting the casings down.
Ivor King - Sean on site cutting down the casings 
Mammoet SPMT arrive on site from Holland
Mammoet equipment being delivered to site. 
SPMT pairs being set up under the bridge.
Mammoet building up the SPMT units. 

Bottom beam installed as part of the carrier system 26mm bar
View on the underslung carrier beams - installed by driving them in on the SPMT's. 

Sleepers and plywood wedge fitted between the carrier beams.
Temporary Works being installed to lock up the carrier beams using sleepers and plywood. 

Temporary works being installed to brace the main girders.
Harsco - SGB soldier bracing being lifted in and installed on the bridge deck. 

Temporary works cross bracing set up fully.
Working in freezing weather - cross bracing installed - Power pack for the jacks on the bridge.
Temporary works Installed between the ballast wall and the trimmer (easier said than done)
Temporary works connection plates installed using a 55T crane - note the central plate which allows the plates to move when being jacked. 

Freezing weather -13deg C in the week before the main possession.
Mammoet on site doing trial lift and move. 
Trial Move - Bridge lifted and moved forward.
Bridge lifted and moved forward during the trial - no major problems with the move. 

Bridge lifted and moved forward to enable the temporary works to be pulled out of the way.
Bridge moved forward to allow John Jones access to get at the temporary works manholes.

65t Excavator pulling out the temporary works.
John Jones excavators ripping out the tempoary works Manholes once removed the bridge was moved back near to its original build position.

John Jones plant set up in the yard ready to go.
John Jones - stockpile equipment for use in the possession. 

Mabey Bridge Install the bearings onto the bridge. BBCE install the steel angle channel.
Mabey Bridge installing bearings to the bridge + Balfour Beatty installing he pile connection channel fitted to the Wall.

Steel slap down plate fixed in place on each pile and marked out with grid lines.
Pile landing plates set up with lines marked - steel plate fully grouted up. 

Waterseal fixed Wolfin Membrane on the back of the abutment.
Waterseal  installing wolfin membrane at the back of the imposts  - Note the Mechanical fixings overbanded with eliminator.

Cable protecion works fencing and lights all set up ready before the main possession.
View on the North Piling platform - steel cable channel + protection timbers and fence installed to protect the cables.

Roll mats, sleeping backs and food - extra supplies just encase the weather stops people leaving site.
Balfour Beatty - sleeping backs food and supplies set aside for the possession.

It's Christmas Eve Babe
Christmas Eve - Lights on - let battle commence. 

BB Rail cutting up the old track with burning gear.
BBRail with a rail trolly and burning gear cutting the rails up into lengths ready fro removal. 

Global Rail disconnecting the cables
Global Rail removing the S&T system setting it aside for installation at the end of the possession. 

Gilles Carrington Global Rail and Jon Smith BB Rail.
Gilles Carrington - Global Rail & Jon Smith BB Rail  

RRV on track pulling up the sleepers.
BBRail grubbing out the sleepers and removing the rail. 

Rails cut up into sections and stockpiled to the side for removal later.
RRV lifting and clearing up rails - rails stockpiled for removal. 

RRV fitted out with sleeper lifting attachment - sleepers for reuse were stockpiled out of the dig area for later reuse.
RRV using a muli-lifting frame to carry out four sleepers at a time. 

Ivor King Movax rig extracting sheet piles form around the piles.
Ivor King at track level starting to remove the sheet piles form around the manholes. 

2nd Movax rig pulling piles and loading them into the back of a John Jones Moxy.
Ivor King clearing away the sheet piles - loading into a back of the John Jones Moxy. 

John Jones - carrying out excavation at the East end.
John Jones starting the bulk dig at the East End. 

John Jones and Ivor King working together to bulk dig and remove sheet piles.
Ivor King and John Jones working together in a tight space a track level.

Bulk Dig well underway - Ivor King sheet piles removed.
Ivor King sheet piles removed - John Jones open up the bulk dig along the full length of the embankment.

Ivor King - cutting the tag cuts on the main pile casings.
Ivor King cutting the pile casing - doing final cuts. 

John Jones well on with the Bulk Dig
Daylight Christmas day - John Jones - dig progressing well.

Top section of pile casing being removed.
John Jones lifting free and removing the top section of the pile casings. 

Excavation for the concrete footing on going
John Jones digging out at the back of the piles - laser level being used to set the levels. 

Trim main dig - top casing being removed
John Jones trimming up the bulk dig. Pile casing being loaded into the ADT. 

Civil Engineering spectator sport - David Millar and Rob Steven Hoare looking on with the general public - just before Christmas Lunch.
David Millar & Rob Steven Hoare visiting as members of the General Public before going for Christmas Dinner.

David and Rob trouble shooting from the crowd - make sure that the concrete ballast wall will fit.
From the Gallery David and Rob spotted form the Gallery that the dig had not been extended far enough so asked that it be checked. 

Sun going down on the site as the works progress.
Sun going down on site - John Jones dig progressing. 

Excavator being used to the mass fill concrete.
West abutment - concrete being laid as a footing - concrete being placed by excavator. 

Drive Path excavated out and geotextile installed.
East end drive path excavated out - geotextile laid ready for 6F5 material to be laid. 

6F5 being placed in the drive path and rolled in place.
6F5 being placed - spread and rolled to level. 

6F5 being placed in the western drive path.
West end drive path being pushed in and compacted by heavy roller.

Western drive path being rolled and compacted level.
Heavy roller compacting the West drive path - concrete screed also being set up behind the piles. 

Scaffold frames being lifted in over the central piles.
Pre-fabricated - scaffold frames being lifted into place by excavator. 

Angles being welded ono the piles by Mammoet for jacking.
Mammoet installing jacking blocks to the piles - Note the screed laid to level and covered over with foam. 

Eve trackway installing track panels to the East drive path.
Eve trackway installing the East drive path - Note teh Scaffolds being installed around the piles.

Mammoet starting the move into position.
Mammoet starting the lifting operations - eve trackway finishing the West drive path. 

Eve finishing the Western drive path as Mammoet start moving forward.
Eve trackway installing track mat - while scaffolders installing the scaffolds round the piles. 

Access scaffolds installed - drive paths ready the move is on.
Mammoet starting the move - note the screed laid to level.

Simon and Will guide the bridge into alignmnent as David Millar and Chinadu Looks on.
Bridge on the move - Simon Houghton guiding the bridge into place as David Millar and Will Smith look on.

Bridge moved into place and being lined up for landing.
Very tight - getting aligned ready to land the structure. 

David Millar on the deck doing the final alignment check with Steve Irwin doing the clever bit.
Bridge being aligned - David Millar on the deck doing the checks with Steve Irwin doing the alignment. 

Ainscough lifting out the temporary works (Victor Crane driver)
Ainscough Crane lifting out the temporary works form the bridge deck. Mammoet removing SPMT units. 

Waterseal working on the deck to fit out the bridge joints. Ainscough lifting out the temporary works.
Waterseal working on the joints - While ainscough remove the East end temporary works.

John Jones laying Bottom Ballast and running in ballast ramps.
John Jones laying the bottom ballast and keying in the ballast ramps ready for hand over to BB Rail. 

RRV installing new sleepers on the down road.
BB Rail installing sleepers with RRV and sleeper bailer.

RRV installing the sleepers over the bridge.
BB Rail working down the bridge installing sleepers. Remote control Triple wacker used to level and compact the ballast.  

RRV lift rails onto the sleepers.
Sleepers run out over the bridge - rails being pulled into position - ready for final fitting. 

Problems with the rail lifting equipment on the RRV.
Rail lifting clamp - BB Rail had a number of problems with this kit due to the very low temperatures. 

Section of rail between the sleepers.
5am Closure rails laid out ready for final fit out and clip up. 

Up road rails pulled down on to teh Down road - sleepers being loaded out on the Up line.
BBRail Day shift installing sleepers on the up road - the rails being pulled down into position first.  

Sleepers being loaded out and landed on the Up road.
RRV lifting the the sleepers with the sleeper bailer.

Works progressing to top ballast the with the rails installed.
Track being installed across the bridge - top ballast started. 

Both Tracks top ballasted and getting ready for the tamper.
Top Ballast laid along both lines - John Jones excavator feeding the RRV running out the ballast. 

Tamper running across the bridge getting ready to pass through and tamp the track.
Network Rail tamper running through the site lifting the line and compacting the ballast. 

Joints in the rails
Rails clamped with clamps and fish plate.

Welding pot being set up on the joint.
BB Rail undertaking welds to the rails.

Metal being added to the blast pot
Welds in progress.

Welds cut back ready for grinding - 25min cooling period after formation.
Completed weld cooled for 30mins and broken cut back with a grinder ready for finishing with a rail grinder.

Rail Grinder running over the welds cleaning them up.
BBRail operative using a rail grinder to finish the surfaces of the rail.

RRV running down the track with a ballast brush attachment to sweep the excess ballast from the beds.
Ballast stone brush cleaning the track bed.

Tamper running across the bridge tamping the track.
Network Rail Tamper passing over the bridge - Tony Saunt on the embankment looking on.

Tamping bank lifting and compacting the track.
View on Tamper - Note the tynes and the lifting and slewing clamps.

Bridge deck with the tracks open.
TSR in place for 7days  - BB Rail carry out daily checks hand tamping where required.

Trains running over the bridge under a TSR.
Train running over the bridge running in the TSR.

Mammoet clearing site - serious mud problems.
Mammoet stripping out the SPMT equipment - Note the mud - with higher temperatures the ground has thawed and created a thin layer of mud running on the surface.
Mammoet loading away SPMT rigs.
Mammoet lifting and loading away the SPMT units ready to go to the next project.

BB Rail carrying out the Stressing of the track.
BBRail carrying out the stressing and closure welds at track level.

Track unclipped to enable the stressing to pull the rails.
Rails unclipped and put on rollers to enable the stressing equipment to pull the rails to the correct stressing level.

RRV placing ballast to infill the shoulders and topping up the cribs.
BBRail topping up the ballast in the track beds and also in the verges and on the shoulders.

Tamper carrying out tamp to take off the TSR.
With the stress welds completed - the Network Rail tamper is able to run through the work site to remove the TSR.

Mabey Bridge carrying out welding remedial works.
Mabey Bridge carrying out remedial works to the welds between the bearing and the landing plates.

Ballast shoulders - track up to line speed with TSR removed
View along the bridge deck with extra ballast placed in the shoulders for installing the trough route.

View on the bridge post installation
View on the bridge following installation.

Global Rail Installing the concrete trough route
Global Rail installing the trough route along the inside face of the North Girder.

Concrete trough route being installed using trolley.
Global Rail running out the concrete trough on a rail trolley.

Global Rail carrying out lift and shift works using the scaffold access.
Global Rail lifting and shifting the cables from the North embankment on to the bridge - walking the cables over on a series of scaffold bridges.

Cables being shifted and sorted to allow them to be put into the new route
Cables being lifted and shifted into the new trough route.

Cable trough route fully installed.
Cable trough route with lids fitted out.

Bridge with trough route installed.
View on the bridge at track level.

Scaffold Access ways used to move the cables from the embankment onto the bridge.
View on the cable bridges - 6nr were created to enable the cables to be walked over the gap and lifted on to the bridge.

Cable loop bay created and split ducted - cable location cabinets still in place.
The final part of Phase III requires the commissioning of the new location cabinets and creation of a new cable loop bay.

Redundant sleepers + cable trough ready for removal.
View on the North Platform with the cables removed. Note the redundant sleepers ready to be removed.

Trough route installed across the bridge.
Trough route completed across the bridge ready for final ballast infill.

View on the bridge
View on the bridge - final ballast works still to be undertaken - scrap clear up also required.

Cable Location Cabinets being switched over to the new boxes.
Phase III - works - switch over from the old cable cabinets to the two new locs.

Cable loop bay installed.
Location cabinets switched over + new cable loop bay installed to take the slack out off the cable route.

Follow up tamp and walkways being filled in by RRV.
Ballast being placed between the trough route and the girders.

Excavator loading up the RRV and ballast box
360 excavator being used to fill ballast into the RRV ballast box.

Tamper Bank doing the final quality tamp.
Final quality tamp to both tracks by Balfour Beatty

Main Contractor - Balfour Beatty Major Projects.
Network Rail Third Parties - Ian Boulstridge, 
Site Manager - Roy Ashforth
Project Manager - Lawrence Hogan.
Project Manager/ Agents - David Millar (BB), Tony Saunt (BB), Kim Barrows (BB)
Engineer - Robert Stephen Hoare, Jordan Keliher
Cranes - Mammoet. & Ainscough
Scaffolding - Midland Reinforcement & Concrete (MRC)
Civils (Brickwork) - MRC Ltd