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Bridge Beam damaged during the train crash
Potter Bar looking  toward the station following the train crash in May 2002. Note the Damaged Bridge Girder.

Looking Back over the Bridge
Potter Bar looking  away from the station following the train crash in May 2002. Note the damaged girder in the right of the photograph.

Bridge delivery into Potters Bar Town Centre
Potter Bar high street - bridge being delivered just missing the bollards and traffic lights. 

Bridge being moved into the Car Park
Bridge being delivered into the car park .

Bridge being fitted out in the Yard
Bridge being built up on stillages in the car park. 

Bridge set up on steel stools and timber baulks
Steel stillages, stools and hardwood navi mats carrying the laod from the bridge. 

Existing Bridge with Hoarding
Potters Bar looking toward the bridge. Temporary works installed to carry the bridge enclosed in a timber hoarding.

Damaged bridge beam
Inside the hoarding looking toward the damaged Girders . 

Site set up my office
May Gurney site office in the Railway Car park - Simon Boddy at the office door . 

bridge build up in the yard
Bridge being put together in the Yard. 

S&T cut on the bridge
View on the existing bridge - Cables passing over the bridge have been diverted - wish it was always this easy nice of the S&T boys to be interested. 

Black top filled in to level the drive path
Black top over laid over the existing road surface on polythene sheeting to provide a level running road for the SPMT's. 

Traffic management signs
Advanced warning signs put up a week in advance. Diversion route advertised on the radio - including David Millar on the Local Radio

Tree removal
"High winds" gale force winds caused a tree next to the bridge to be cut down in the possession also  during the possession bearing stiffeners were added to the outside of the bridge (Britons Fabricators fitted the stiffeners Carl Powell) - Setting out undertaken by David Millar. 

Road closed
Start of the possession - Road closure. 

Temporary works removal
Temporary works being taken apart and removed for storage . 

Thermic Lance cutting the existing bridge free
Thermic lance being used from a Scissor lift to cut free the existing bridge from the bearings . 

New structure on the move
New structure jacked up to level with the bridge on the move. 

Ian Watson
Ian Watson - Agent during the possession looking after the bridge removal . 

Track being lifted by bridge
WA Developments - lifting out track in panels clearing the bridge . 

RRV's Moved the track onto the Platform
Tandem lifted with two RRV machines lifting setting aside the track panel on the platform. 

Bridge on the move past the office
New bridge being lifted and moved - the bridge passing the site office . 

Bridge on the move in the fog
The new bridge in the fog being moved up the high street in Potters Bar. 

Bridge and transporters in the fog
New Bridge in the Fog.  Second SPMT unit being set up ready to take the old structure out.

Ballast being dug out on the deck
Excavation in progress on the deck ballast being removed ready fro bridge deck removal . 

Cut Web and bolted connection
Cut in the web with top doubler plate - fitted out by Britons Fabricators - Carl Powell . 

Existing Structure Ready to Remove
Existing structure being jacked free of the abutments - following removal of the deck ballast . 

New bridge in the High street
New structure sat in the middle of the high street - I love Civil Engineering !! . 

Old Bridge on the move
Existing structure on the move up the high street - Ian Watson Central . Note the stiffeners set above the pick up points on the steel work

Old bridge being jacked down
View on the climbing jacks as the deck is jacked down in the high street - Jenga Blocks . 

Old bridge moving into the car park
 Existing structure being moved up the hill in to the car park. 

Existing Bridge being Jacked down and SPMT's removed
Existing Bridge jacked down onto temporary stillages with the SPMT's being lifted and cleared away . 

New bridge ready to move
New structure on route down the main road in Potters Bar . 

Drilling for holding down bolts
"Natural Born Drillers" honestly !! doing the drilling for the holding down bolts.

Track panel set up on the platform
Track panel on the platform - ready for reinstallation . 

David Millar setting out
David Millar - setting out the drilling holes and levelling the abutment. 

Road open under the bridge
Bridge installed overnight landed on the steel bearing plates - being opened by a member of the local public. 

Loading away SPMT units + Demolition kit on site
SPMT units being loaded away as the demolition company equipment being brought to site on low loadeds. 

WAD RRV with tamping bank
RRV fitted out with a tamping bank fitted - track panel clamped . 

RRV tamping bank + jacks
Track being jacked and aligned - with the tamping bank compacting the ballast . 

welding track
Welds being undertaken to the track joints. 

Bridge handed back
Post possession the bridge deck with the track open - work progressing on the finishing works. 

Bridge following the possession
New bridge in place after the possession - batters require levelled and cleared up. 

Bridge open to traffic
Trains running over the new bridge - Vortock fence set up to enable the brick work walls to be completed . 

Bridge visit 2008 completed
New bridge in place - site visit 5 years later the bridge still looks good . 

Bridge 2008 finished job from the high street
View on the bridge in 2008 looking good . 

Bridge 2008 from the train on the way to London
View out the train on the way to London - Looking good from a passing train. 

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