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Wellington Road Footbridge
View on the existing bridge during rush hour.

Wellington road Footbridge.
View on Wellington Road bridge.

Gap b between Bridge TJC3 -15A and Wellington Road Footbridge
View showing the gap between wellington road footbridge (right) and the railway bridge (left)

View from Wellington Footbridge towards TJC3 -15a
View across the footbridge - looking over towards to existing railway bridge.

Cranes set up tandem lifting the bridge centre span out.
Tandem lift being undertaken to remove the damaged span.

Tandem lift crane starting the lift.
Tandem lift on the central span of the bridge.

Tandem lift crane centre span lifted clear ready to be lowered off.
Central span lifted free gently raised up out of the half joints.

Lifting Tackle - Beam for lifting
Ainscough Lifting plan.

Crane off loading the bridge centre span in the Yard
Crane offloading the bridge deck in the Inner ring road car park.

Centre span in storage in the Yard ready for inspection.
Deck in the carpark after Christmas.

Bridge located in the yard view on cut out lifting point.
OOps we had to put the bridge out through the fence. Sorry Mr Sleigh.

Bridge Removed spans blocked off.
Central span removed - 

Walkway blocked off with the centre span removed.
Central span removed and ramps blocked off with fences.

Temporary Footbridge Installed.
Temporary bridge deck installed to span the Gap -bridge installed by Mitchells bridges.

Bridge half joint damage inspection.
View on the damage to the half joint hit by the Hiab

Damaged deck end Half joint.
View on the damaged half joint - Post tension anchorages.

Undamaged end of the central span.
View on the undamaged half joint end.

Post tension anchorage + tendons.
The bridge deck was broken up and tendons inspeceted.

ducting extracted from the bridge deck.
View on the tendons removed form the deck of the bridge.

Damaged Post tension anchorage extracted from the central span.
Tendon anchorages - note the damage to the cables.

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