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Ben Rhydding Footbridge

Existing Ben Rhydding Footbridge - View from the proposed site compound.

Track Panels installed to the site compound.

Eve Trackway - installing temporary road way down to the site compound.

Site Compound - Cabins installed

Site compound set up with site offices - canteen, drying room, Toilets and Generator + store


Bad weather hits site at Ben Rhydding

View onto the site compound - Note the very bad weather at the start of Feb 2012.

Existing base excavated out - ready for piles

Excavation carried out to divert an existing drain + excavtion required for piling 


Demolition in Progress - B&B Demolition

B&B Demolition Ltd carrying out the demolition of the existing 1914 Structure.

Border Rail carrying out OHLE modifications

Border Rail ltd - carrying out modification of the OHLE to make it free running when the bridge is removed.


Border Rail carrying out OHLE removal from the bridge

Border Rail Ltd - disconnecting the OHLE from the existing bridge 


Lifting Beam set place above the bridge (350t crane)

NMT Cranes and B&B demoltion setting up the lifting beam to remove the existing structure main span.

Existing structure Trestle being lifted free.

Existing North trestle being lifted and removed.

South stair case being cut free.

South Stair case being cut free ready for lifting.


Existing bridge being cut up and loaded away

Existing 1914 structure being cut up and loaded away in the site compound.


Existing Bridge being loaded away

Crane loading away the existing bridge on to wagons.

Existing base with legs cut free steel to remain as sheer key

Existing base being prepared the steel angles from the old bridge are to act as a sheer key.


Piles being installed around the existing south base

FLI Ltd carrying out the piles installation - 4 piles per side.

Piles on site + hammer

Pile installation torque hammer and screw piles stored in the compound.

Piles on the South side installed - pile cap plates still to be set.

Four Piles installed on the south base - pile caps still to be fixed in place - note the trial holes.

Piles being installed to the south abutment

Piles being installed to the North base 4nr piles installed in possession.

Concrete Bases on the South side set - D Millar set out Bolt clusters

South bridge abutment bases cast during possession using a crane and skip.

North Footbridge Bases  cast

North bridge abutment bases cast during possession using a concrete pump.

North Stair Case column bolts being drilled and fixed.

Existing base being drilled for anchorage bolts. 

South Foundations completed D Millar checking bolts

South Abutment base - concrete and backfilled - D Millar checking setting out.

Nusteel - deliver the bridge to site for installation.

Bridge on site - lorries parked on Bolling Road.

North Staircase being lifted in to place between the trees and ohle

North Staircase being lifted in over the OHLE and between the existing trees.

North stairs installed and set in position

The new stairs installed to the North side with mm to spare.

South Staircase installed ready for the main span.

South stair installed and fixed onto the new columns.

New Bridge structure ready for lifting.

New bridge structure reversed back into the site compound ready for lifting.

New structure being lifted into place.

New bridge being lifted into place over the OHLE and track.

New bridge landed and fixed into place.

New bridge installed and fixed in place.

South stairs approach.

South side stairs - 300mm step. 


North stairs approach.

North Stairs 600mm step.

Everest Base Camp

View on the new bridge stairs looking back north side.

Bridge stairs 22mm from the existing tree !!!

22mm gap between the existing tree and the new structure.

Eve Trackway bing removed from the site compound.

Site compound being cleared - Eve removing trackway and A-Plant clearing offices.


Track panels removed from site compound area

Site track way panels removed from site compound area.

Track panels removed down the access route.

Eve trackway removed panels back out of the field - note the access requires regrading once it drys out.

View on the new bridge from garden - note new fences

View on new fences installed at the back of the bridge.

Original design - problem with levels running over the roots of a TPO tree

Level issue with regrade of proposed ramp - would have affected the tree roots and access gate - design change required.

South bottom landing and steps + fencing under construction.

South side new fences installed + two new steps created 

North Landing and steps - nosings and anti-slip still to be added.

North side - landing and steps installed with new fences.

Fences and access being reinstated.

New fences being installed - blacktop reinstatement being undertaken at the access entry.

Timber fence replaced and small site compound remains until the gate is installed.

Access fences installed down the side of the footpath - bridge open to pedestrians 30th March 2012.

New Access gate into the school field

School field disturbed area grass seeded

New fence and soakaway grip + replanting

New handrail on stairs

New handrail on stairs

New handrail on stairs

New handrail on stairs













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