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Existing A1 and new bridge at Micklefield
Existing Micklefield Railway bridge - with the new bridge under construction to the East side (see Project No 8).

Existing Bridge form Micklefield village
Existing Railway bridge view from West side.

Distance between the existing and new bridges
Existing Structure Left and the new structure S38 on the right.

Exising Bridge looking West
View under the Existing structure - four tracks Leeds to York and Leeds to Hull Line.

WFL Starting on site
Walter Forshaw Ltd started on site barriers on the bridge - setting up the work area.

Work starts on the deck above the live railway
Trains running under the bridge looking over to Micklefield Railway Station.

Deck being stripped of tarmac
WFL stripping the bridge deck clearing black of the deck.

Deck being cleared of tarmac
View on the Footpath - brick parapet and steel barrier.

Back of the abutment being excavated
WFL drilling the rear of the south abutment - rock drill being used drill the holes for the explosive charges.

Abutment being drilled ready for charges
WFL drilling the blasting holes for the explosives - excavation progresses in steps to allow the drilling to progress.

Abutment being drilled
Wingwalls on the south abutment removed - with holes drilled for blasting charges.

Wingwalls being taken down
South Abutment Wingwalls - removed broken back for access.

Work on the deck and abutments
Works progressing to prepare the bridge deck breaking holes and cutting up the deck.

Deck being cut with road saw
Holemasters cutting the deck into sections to aid break up during the demolition.

Brick parapet being removed by excavator
T(ii) railway blockage to break off and remove the brick parapets on the bridge.

Parapet removed
Brick Parapet pulled over and broken up with edge protection provided by scaffold Handrail.

Breaking holes for the charges
North abutment full exposed and drilled - works progressing on the deck cutting and drilling.

Excavation and drilling on south abutment
Access for heavy plant being removed from the South Abutment.

North abutment drilled and excavated
North Abutment fully excavated and drilled ready for demolition charges.

North abutment drilled and wngwall removed
South Abutment looking at the wingwall with the brickwork support under the wall broken away.(note the steps in the abutment these show the different thickness)

Holes broken in the deck
Bridge deck with holes punched through by breaker.

Holes in the deck bars drilled to hole water bags
Rebar installed to limit the extent of the water bags inside the voids between beams.

mesh covers holes
Weld mesh installed over the deck to reduce concrete being ejected during the blow down.

Deck being prepared for demolition
Access to the deck via a tower scaffold on the South abutment - Hiab bringing sandbags ready for the main possession.

North abutment
North abutment fully excavated and drilled.

Protective role set on the parapet
Holes cut in the mesh for the water bags + Heavy duty pit belt rolled ready for the possession.

Sand bags set up on the deck
Sand bags stockpiled in the deck ready to cover the blast points.

Water bags set in position
Water bags being installed on the deck with sand bags ready to cover the holes.

Timber Bauls and Water being delivered