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View on the location of the Proposed North Bridge
View on North bridge prior to works starting on the new bridge. 

North Bridge South Abutment. M621 Off Slip
View looking toward the proposed south abutment of the New North Bridge.

North Bridge North Abutment.
View on the North proposed abutment location - Note the wide access between the fence and the wall.

North abutment Dig in progress
Work started on the North abutment - works in progress excavation in progress.

North abutment dig complete
Bulk dig to the North abutment - terrace greated for crane platform.

Drilling and grouting in progress North abutment
Drilling and groutin in progress to the North Abutment.

Grouting being undertaken on the North abutment.
Grouting being undertaken to the voids in the North abutment.

North abutment grouting on the approaches
Drilling and grouting in progress on the North abutment.

South Abutment lane closure and gas diversion works
Gas main being diverted on the slip road.

Extensive gas diversion works.
Gas main valve connecetion being connected up and encased in concrete.

Cable trough and fence installed at track level.
Works in progress at track level - S&T Trough route diverted to enable the abutment construction.

Martello Piling start piling the North Abutment
Martello piling carrying out the pile installation on the North abutment.

South Abutment dig being started
Excavation to the South abutment - view on the fence at track level and S&T.

North abutment piling being undertaken
Martello piling lifting and installing piles using a mini crane.

Vario Guard installed on the south abutment.
Vario -Guard installed up the Jun 4 Slip road.

Vario Guard installed and dig started - old gas main in the dig
Excavation being undertaken behind the barrier  - note the redundant gas main in the excavation.

Dig on going on the South Abutment
Excavation in progress - ramp created down to track level.

North Abutment piling complete.
North abutment piles installed ready for digging out.

Bulk dig on the South Abutment shows the coal measures.
Southern abutment - coal strips in the dig require removed.

Bulk Dig and piling completed
View on the excavation for both the North bidge and Moor road.

Pile break down
Piles being broken down using a pile breaker.

North abutment blinded and steel fixing in progress.
Piles broken down - blinded and steel being fixed.

Dig removing the coal measures and fill in bays.
Coal measures being excavated out and removed.

Works progressing on the south abutment.
Coal measures being excavated out - the seam had been worked to the fill was also excavated and filled with concrete.

North Abutment Crawler crane lifting in reinforcement and formwork
North abutment steel reinforcement being fixed with Forwork being installed to the base.

South abutment mothballed while work progress on the North abutment
Southern abutment fully excavated - water filled - works put on hold until the new year.

North Abutment Cast and back filling in progress
North abutment blackjacked and backfilled with 6N.

Steel fixing starting on the South Abutment
Base blinded with concrete - steel fixing started to the base.

South Abutment progressing with crane lifting shutters
Steel fixed to the base - formwork base shutters moved round form the North ready for reuse. crane set up ready for lifting.

South Abutment base being cast.
South base being concreted - concrete pump on the crane platform.

South Abutment base backfilled with Reinforcement being delivered.
Base cast and being backfilled - steel reinforcement being set up for fixing the abutment wall.

North Abutment wingwall being cast with concrete pump
North abutment - formwork set up - wingwalls being cast with a concrete pump.

North Abutment formwork being erected.
Wingwall cast with formwork being set up for the main wall pour.

South Abutment Scaffold being erected.
All the work being undertaken during normal working - Scaffold being erected to enable steel fixing.

Heidi Simpson Engineer working on the Abutment
Heidi Simpson setting out bearing plinths on the abutments.

North Abutment being cast.
North abutment being cast during normal working with a concrete pump.

Abutments under construction
View on the abutment construction both well underway.

North Abutment formwork removed.
North abutment & wingwalls cast - concrete finishing in progress.

South Abutment set cut to be cast.
Southern abutment - formwork being set up using a mobile carne.

Henry Woodhead and Heidi setting up the bearings
Henry and Heidi - setting up the bridge bearings on the North abutment. 

North Abutment Bearings Set and  Scaffold removed
Scaffold removed from the North abutment - backfilling in progress.

South Abutment Cast with formwork removed.
Concrete completed - Mobile crane lifting out formwork.

Bearing plinths set up on the abutment Note pockets.
South abutment - bearing blinths cast with pockets prepared for bearings.

North Abument Backfilled and crane outrigger points set out.
North abutment - backfilling being undertaken ready for the crane to being rigged for lifting.

Steel beams arrive on site and are parked up
Beams on site ready for lifting - they are on site in braced pairs.

Beams lifted into place and set.
Steel beams erected in possession with GRP installed to two of the sets.

Braced pair installed with tapes but not panels
View along the girders - tape and sealing strip installed along the top flange for fixing the GRP panels.

1st stage grout to the bearings.
Bridge beam lifted in and set up on the bearings. Note the red transit brackets.

GRP viewed from below on the braced pairs.
View from below the beams - note the GRP panels follow the curve and are set with a gap to follow the curve.

GRP installed on the bridge.
GRP - panels - supplied by EMJ fixed in place (by lift reinforcement bars) panels installed during possession.

Multiforms installed during normal working in the corners.
Multi-forms being erected - corner units installed during normal working.

Multiforms Installed after the week end possession.
Multiforms - installed during possession. 

Multiforms installed work progressing on the deck
View on the East parapet with multiforms installed work progressing on the deck during normal working.

Steelfixing to the Diapraghm.
Soffit of the diapraghm installed - steel fixing in progress.

Reinforcement being fixed on the diapraghm + formwork to the inside face.
Formwork installed to the inside face of the diapraghm. - steel fixed being fixed.

North abutment diapraghm being cast.
Works in progress to the gabion baskets infill behind the new stone infill walls.

Infill stone walls being reconstructed.
Stone walls being installed infront of the Gabion baskets.

Reinforcement being fixed on the deck.
The multiforms were faced up with good quality ply - steel fixing in progress.

Diapraghm cast and formwork removed.
Diapraghm cast ready for GRP to installed.

Scaffold infront of the abutment with Hook Bolts
View on the North abutment - with scaffold ereceted for access to the bearing shelf.

Steel fixing on going on the deck
Steel fixing at deck level.

H4a Bolt sets being set + stop end being installed.
Deck reinforcement set up on the deck - Note the H4a bolts set up on the parapet.

Concrete being placed to the deck
Bridge deck being cast during normal working (yes the trains were running) 

Deck being cast concrete pump moved to the South abutment.
Deck being cast with the concerte pump on the Southern abutment.

Concrete pump placing concrete on the bridge deck with the track open below.
Deck being cast during normal working.

Parapet formwork being set up on the deck.
Parapets being set up for casting - note the H4A bolt clusters.

Parapet formwork set up - loads designed to transfer into the multiform
Parapet - formwork shutters being set up the design allowed for timbers fixing onto the parapet.

East Parapet being set for casting.
Parapet set up ready fro concrete.

Bridge Parapets cast and stripped out.
Parapet cast and stripped out ready for concrete finishing.

Progress on going on the wingwalls.
South abutment formwork being lifted into place.

Soffit of the inspection Gallery being set up
Gallery soffit falsework being installed.

Reinforcement being fixed at the end of the deck
Soffit of the Deck nib set up with plywood - steel being fixed to the deck end.

C frame on site and J clamp hand rail being set up.
SGB - steel lifting frame - combi-safe fence being installed along the parapets.

Tower crane lifting down the multiforms.
Railway possession - self erecting tower crane being used to lift out the multiforms.

Multiforms removed over the majority of the bridge.
Multiforms removed over the central deck - South side not removed as the parapets had not been completed.

Multiforms removed.
View on the bridge deck after casting and muliform removal.

Deck steel fixed ready for concrete.
South deck nib set up for casting.

Screen wall capping section being concrete to create the expansion joint.
North abutment gallery nib being cast by Swords.

Waterproofing to the North Abutment in progress.
Brick access manhole installed - Stirling lloyd spray waterproofing to the abutments ready for backfilling.

South Abutment Concrete completed with access manhole being constructed.
South abutment - access manhole being constructed with blue bricks.
Works ongoing at the corners of bridge.
South abutment - parapets completed and multiform/scaffold removed - backfilling in progress.

H4a Parapets being installed on the deck
Frost on the deck - H4a parpets being erected on the deck.

M621 approach wall being constructed to tie in to the bridge
South abutment approach retaining wall base being set up on blinding ready for formwork.

Approach wall being constructed.
Approach base - set up with steel fixed in the wall - Formwork set and base cast.

Approach wall cast.
Retaining wall cast.

Bridge Deck waterproofed
Bridge deck spray waterproofed and tack coated  - Note the access slab cast on top of the blue brick manhole.

H4a Parapets installed.
View on the East parapet - note the new wall built on the South abutment.

Red Sand carpet on the bridge.
Sand carpet laid on the bridge deck - note the timbers fixed into the joints.

Rolling block installed at the end of the deck
Run on slabs formed on the approach to the structure. The run on slabs were formed free had by excavator.

Deck dparture roads works in progress.
Construction of the road formation and kerbs on the North abutment.

Black top being laid on the deck
Surfacing being laid over the bridge - H4a installed but not sheeted. Footpaths being concreted.

Bridge Joints being installed by USL
USL installing bridge expansion joints.

Road over the bridge being created
View on the new bridge.

Weekend road switch over the bridge.
48hr Week end blockage swapped the traffic over onto the new road alignment.

Bridge open under traffic management
View on the bridge with the new road alignment.

Sheets added to the H4A with the bridge fully open.
View on the bridge showing the parapets fully sheeted in - grass being cut for full opening.

Completed bridge and Junction 4 works.
Completed junction 4 open to traffic.

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