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SMJ2 Bridge 3 -Folly Bridge

Existing Folly Bridge structure - prior to works starting on site. (at track level)

Folly Bridge - View on the deck

Existing Folly Bridge structure - prior to works starting on site (footpath level).

Access to the site compound - Motorcycle club

Site Compound area in the local Quarry - next to the Motorcycle track.

View on the Motorcycle Club and site compound area

Local Motor Cycle track - 

Access at DB Schenkers Yard at Ferrybridge Power Station

Proposed access at DB Schenkers Yard - Ian Bluff and Mathew Howard looking at the access.

View Back up the track to the Site Access from the compound

View from Folly Bridge looking back up the track to the pedestrian access next to the road bridge.

Bridge Deck ends - opened up ready for removal.

Folly Bridge deck end being opened up ready for bridge removal.

Birdge Deck end - Opened up ready for bridge removal.

Existing structure deck end being opened up ready for removal..

RRV Equipment being loaded on at DB Schenkers Yard

RRV Trailer being loaded on to the track at DB Schenkers Yard.

Giga Rail crane lifting out the concrete units.

Giga Rail Crane lifting down the concrete deck units - and excavated material - in bulk bags.

Bridge Deck Lifted out ready for loading onto the RRV Trailers

Giga Rail crane lifting down the structure - note that the rail crane doesn't use any outriggers it lifts from the rails.

Concrete Beams installed during possession

New Structure installed - 4nr pre-cast concrete beams set in place. Scaffolding erected on all four corners.

GRP Installed in Possession

New Structure installed - with GRP posts and rails installed .

Waterproofing being laid on the bridge deck.

Waterproofing being installed to the bridge deck.

Diamond Drilling for the drainage.

Diamond Drilling underway to the abutment face for the drainage pipework.

Drainage Channels being laid on the bridge deck.

Drainage channels being installed on the deck.

View on the new bridge from track level.

View of the new structure from track level - abutment still requires jet washed.

View on the completed bridge GRP parapets.

View on the bridge showing back face of the GRP.

Completed Bridge Deck - Blacktop laid - open to public

Bridge deck  - black topped.

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