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Bridge Looking East
View on the existing structure - Footbridge over the A1M in Fairburn Village.

Bridge looking North
View on the Footbridge looking North.

Bridge over the A1
Bridge looking North - footbridge over the A1M.

Bridge Ramp
View on the bridge looking towards the West ramps - Note the school playground.

School next to the bridge
View from the bridge deck looking down onto the nearby school and play ground.

House and school next to the bridge
West Abutment - Ramps next to a house.

Road closed for access
Existing A1M closed to the general public along with side road to allow demolition to commence.

Scaffold screen to protect the school and house
Scaffold Screen being put up to protect the local primary school from any flying debris produced during the demolition.

Bridge closed - Screen completed
West abutment screen installed with debris netting allowed works to start on invetigation of the abutment deck connection detail.

Screen infront of the school and house
View looking toward the West abutment - with the screen erected.

Hidden connection deck to abutment
View on the abutment to deck connecetion with McAlloy bars.

Holemaster Brok Breaking holes in the deck
Demolition day - Quigley crane erected ready for lifting. Holemasters breaking holes under the direction of Walter Forshaw ltd.

Brok on the deck
Brok breaking holes in the bridge deck for lifting chains.

Holes for lifting points between the tendons
Holes broken in the deck - rebar cut free to give a suitable hole for lifting - Note the Post tension sleeves either side of the hole.

Crane rigged on site
Crane being rigged up ready for lifting.

Central Span lifted out
The first lift was the central simply supported span located in half joints.

Crane lifting out centre span
Lifting down the central span. 

East Span being rigged for lifting
Crane lifting out the East span - crane holding the unit.

Brok breaking out the snachorage on the abutment
Brok breaking out the joint connection between the abutment and the deck.

East span being lifted out
East span being lifted down and landed on to a low loader.

East ramps with side span removed
East abutment ramps with the east span removed.

West abutment set ready for lifting
West Side span being set up for lifting. Centre span sat on the floor.
Brok breaking out the anchorage
Holemasters breaking out the joint between the abutment and the deck.

Cutting free the connection
Abutment deck and abutment being burnt free by WFL.

West side span lifted free
West side span lifted free - the connection pin on the pier being cut with burning gear.

deck unit being lowered down
West side span being lifted down to the ground.

View on the deck end
View on the deck end connection detail - note the back to back channels cast into the deck end to take the connecting bolts.

Brok starting to break down the ramps
Holemasters - Brok on the ramps breaking down the ramps.

Ramps being demolished
Brok progressing along the Ramp breaking down the ramps.

West Ramps demolished
West abutment Ramps broken down to ground level.

East abutment demolished
East AButment broken down with machines and shears.

Clear up on the West abutment
West abutment being cleared up by WFL.

Deck span broken up - tendons and anchorages can be seen
Central span broken up - note the steel ducting carrying the tendons.

West Ramp area cleared
West abutment clear up complete - side screen removed - this area is likely to become a garden.

Concrete being broken up and cleared
Bridge being broken up and removed from site - burning gear required to cut up the tendons.

East abutment area cleared
East abutment cleared of material rubble reinforcement etc

Deck section being moved for the Micklefield Trial
Side span set aside - this section of deck was later blown up as a test on the explosives for Project No 5 Micklefield Railway Bridge.

Principal Contractor – RMG - Alfred McAlpine, Dragados, KBR, AMEC
Cranes – Quigley Crane hire (no longer trading)

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