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View on weak bridge traffic lights due to weight restriction.

Existing bridge traffic controller + terif kerbs to reduce the lane width.

View on the east side of Thomson street note the gas valves caves in road.

View looking west showing traffic restrictions on the bridge.

View down the track East coast main line looking toward Darlington.

View north up the East coast main line note the OHLE

View at track side looking over to the North/East Wing wall
Stair access on the South West wing wall official NWR access.
View on the South elevation of the bridge.
View on the North elevation of the bridge.

Works started on site, temporary lights on the bridge Barriers installed to extend the walk area.

Works started on site, temporary lights on the bridge Barriers installed to extend the walk area.

Work started on temporary works pit for service bridge – note footpath and road open to the public.

Concrete pad created for temporary work foundation note - brickwork broken out at the back of the bridge this is the ballast wall.



Surfacing cleared from the North Footpath to show timber deck – note the electric cable inside the timber box duct this is the feed for the street lights.
Foundation pit excavated on the East side note material from the deck stockpiled ready for removal.
Half Railway Sleeper support built up in each of the pits ready for the temporary bridge to sit on.
Road closed to traffic - Temporary Service Bridge being off loaded in the site compound.

Start of October – road fully closed off – note footpath on the south side open to pedestrians – excavator removing old kerbs during day time normal working.
Temporary service bride installed during normal working.
Temporary structure set in place (sat 500mm above the existing deck) – surfacing fully removed from the deck – note under the cones are over access points above the water main.

NEDL working on the west side of the bridge putting a new LV cable for the street lights. Note new site compound cabins in place. Footpath behind the cabins open to the General public.
Cable bridge being boarded out – Temporary works Mabey soldiers laid out ready to create the walkway over the bridge.
Service trench – common trench excavated by BBRail 
Electric cable in the blank duct – Low pressure gas main pipework installed
Northumbrian Water cutting into the cast iron pipe using diamond cutter to open the original pipe – so that it doesn’t damage main inside the Cast Iron  Sleeve.
Pipework delivered to site ready for installing the diversion route
Northumbrian Water carrying out the water main diversion
Temporary Service Bridge being installed and temporary diversion route for pedestrians being installed.

Northern Gas Networks carrying out low pressure gas main diversion works – combining mains on the West side of the bridge.

BT cable ducts exposed (Fibre cables) in the deck these were originally to be removed by BT and diverted in advance, however the work was not undertaken by BT and this created a problem with what to do with the cables.

Cable ducts lifted up onto the bridge deck.

Temporary walkway completed just needs surfacing ready for opening to the public.

Fast Flow Ltd - doing the fussion welding of the main pipes.

Pipes being fusion welded ready for installation.

Original cast iron pipe (acting as a sleeve) broken away to expose the water main – 400mm trunk main.

Temporary pipe being lifted onto the service bridge.
Service Bridge - Blue Water main, yellow gas main, medium pressure, black electricity cable, grey split duct BT local copper core cables.
Gas main diversion low pressure diversion works being undertaken – BT copper cables being diverted from footpath over the temporary bridge
Water main – saddle being installed to enable online stop off valve to be installed
Services running up onto the temporary bridge note air valve on the water main
Services on the service bridge. Water main, Gas main (yellow) Grey ducts are local BT - Note area excavated out to free up the fibre BT cable ducts.





















































































































































































































































Main Contractor - Birse Rail (Balfour Beatty Rail)
Network Rail IP - Scheme Project Manager - Phil Askey
                         - Project Manager - Jimmy Kitchen
Project Manager/ Agent - David Millar (BBR)
Engineer - Mike Lally
Design - Balfour Beatty Rail
Civils (Brickwork) - APB Ltd