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Hunslet Moor old structure
Existing Footbridge over the M621 Between Jun 4 & Jun 5.

Pile locations in existing road
View from the existing footbridge looking up Moor Road - Piles marked on the road.

Existing Bridge central ramps being removed
Existing Bridge central ramp removed during an over night closure. 

Central ramp being moved and reerected
Central ramp removed and re-erected on exiting trestles at the North end of the bridge.

Old Footbridge Ramp switched + crane removal
Existing ramp being removed -to make way for the new abutment.

Abutment Dig underway
Sheet piles installed and the abutment being excavated out.

Abutment reinforcement being fixed
Steel fixed to the base. Formwork installed ready for concrete.

Base Cast - Ramp foundation
Ramp reinforcement being fixed - North abutment base cast and bearing shelf set up for concrete.

Ramp founation being set up
North abutment base and shelf cast - ramp base steel reinforcement fixed formwork being set up for concrete.

Concrete walls set up
North abutment & ramp concreted ready for backfill and steel work.

Road laid + lighting mast
 High Mast lighting tower installed in possession.

Back fill to the embankment
South abutment fill being placed to the embankment (basra) bridge access service ramp area.

Abutment steel being fixed
South abutment steel fixing in progress.

Moor Road Open traffic switched
North abutment & Ramp black jacked ready for filling.

Abutment crane lifting formwork
Crane on the South abutment erecting formwork.

Piling platfrom being created
Piles set out for the central pier foundation.

Expanded Piling
Expanded pilig drilling the piles - crawler lifting the reinforcement cages.

Abutment under construction
Southern abutment - bearing shelf cast - wingwalls being set up with formwork.

Piles exposed
Piling complete to the central pier base. Piles broken down and blinded. Steel on site ready for fixing.

Central pier base being cast
Bridge central pier base - formwork set up and concrete being placed.

Central Pier upper section being cast
Top section of the central pier being cast. Note self erecting tower crane.

Self erecting tower crane
Self erecting tower crane lifting out formwork - sat in the M621.

Central Pier bolt clusters
Top section of the Central pier - bolt clusters set in place using the holding plate.

Central pier cast just in time
Central pier formwork removed - and backfill - Nusteel on site ready to start.

Cranes landing A frame
Two 100T Cranes unloading and setting up the steel work A- Frame

Steel A frame set in place
Steel A frame laid out on the ground around the central pier.

Ramo steel work being installed
Works progressing on site shift - moor road closed - trestles lifted in place.

Ramps being installed
Work in progress installing the the ramps and North trestle.

Abutment cast
North abutment - wingwalls parapet steel being fixed.

Ramps being erected on nights
Crane lifting in the ramp units - with Moor road closed over night to traffic.

Temporary works installed
Temporary works trestle installed ready for building the bridge.

A frame being ereceted
Bridge pylon being lifted into place with a 500t crane.

Connecting pins
Anchorage bolts for the cables delivered on site.

Welded connection
Anchorage points welded on to the main bridge deck. These were installed on site due to wide load transport issues.

Steel cables delivered to site
Bridge cables delivered to site and laid out - The cables being supplied by Bridon Ropes Doncaster.

Deck unit being installed
Bridge deck section being lifted into place. This deck section was fitted onto the pylon and then onto the temporary tower.

Cables being installed
Crane lifting and installing the cables. Full boom MEWP.

Bridge just before christmas
First section of the bridge deck set in place with cables installed ready for the next unit.

Backfilled abutment
Southern abutment completed and backfilled ready for steel erection.

Bridge deck being erected
 Crane erecting deck sections main crane holding the deck with a smaller crane lifting the cables.

Temporary works being removed
Temporary works trestle being removed following installation of the deck section.

Temporary works being reinstalled
Temporary works trestle being re-erected infront of the south abutment.

Connection Pin
Typical cable locking fixing pin.

Cone added to pin
Spike attached to the fixing pin to assist installation.

cable being lifted on clamp
Cable being lifted using a purpose made lifting clamp locked onto the cable.

Cable being lifted by crane
Cable fully extended above the ground - MEWP installing the cables at top flange.

Cable connector with spacer
Pin installed with anchorage - note the calliper to stop the pin dropping through the deck fixing.

Crane holding deck section + crane holding cable
Crane holding the deck section as the support crane moves the cable across into position.

Bridge section sat on the Temporary works
Deck section with cables installed - last section of deck sat on the trestle temporary works.

Cable connecetors being drawn together
Cable eye being lifted and pulled into position with a chain block.

cable and deck connectors aligned
Pin and eye aligned with pull chains allows the pin to be installed.

Pin being installed between connectors
Locking pin being installed through the cable eye and pin.

Last section in place with temporary works removed
Deck fully instaled - temporary works support removed with the crane.

Jacks installed at connector to tension the cables
 Pins on the deck jacked out and nuts tightened to the correct tension.

Deck ready for concrete
Bridge deck - completed - being clean off ready for concrete.

Concrete to bridge deck
Swords operatives using a small 1t dumper to place concrete on the bridge deck.

Concrete steps being installed
On the South approach a crane is being used to install pre-cast concrete stair units.

Concrete being captive blasted
Bridge deck is fully concreted with crack inducers installed across the deck to form bays.

USL doing Bridge joint
USL instastalled the expansion joint on the south side of the bridge deck.

Bridge approch
View on the southern approach with the earthworks complete and pre-cast concrete stairs installed.

Bridge Deck with anti skid placed
ROCAL installing Cicol to the bridge deck - grit put on the deck surface held in place with the epoxy resin.

Old bridge being removed
With the new bridge open to the public - the final section of existing bridge deck was lifted out.

Old bridge being taken down over the 621
Existing structure being lifted down on to the M621 carriageway for breaking up and removal.

Completed project from the air
View on the completed new bridge spanning 104m form the North abutment to the South abutment (basra area).