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Spalding Blue Gowt - David Millar's First Day with Birse Rail

View on Blue Gowt - Level crossing

View on Blue Gowt - Existing Structure

Blue Gowt structure spanning the ditch (or Gowt).

View on Blue Gowt - S&T Cables

View on the Blue Gowt structure - S&T cables hung on the timber fence.

View on Blue Gowt - Level crossing showing the Gates - manned crossing.

Site Compound - set up in the Farm Field

Site Compound set up in the Farmers Field.

Trial Erection - Cornish Concrete

Cornish Concrete - Trial erection of the structural elements.

Trial Erection - Note the Setting out markings

Trial Erection at Cornish Concrete.

Temporary works Cable bridge installed during possession

Temporary works cable support bridges installed either side of the existing bridge.

Level crossing Gates removed - pedestrian access maintained

Road Closure, Level crossing gates removed and rubber strail mats lifted 

Level crossing Strails and gates removed

Level crossing closed to road traffic to enable the strails to be removed.

Cables - protected and moved on the bridge.

Network Rail S&T split ducted the cables over the cable bridge.

Cables being diverted onto the cable bridge.

Network Rail - diverting cables on to the cable bridge during possession.

Cables - protected on the cable bridge.

Cable Bridge with cable diversion completed. Work well underway installing the crash deck.

Brickwork Repairs to the face of the abutments

Brickwork repairs underway to the bridge abutments - with the gowt pumped out.

RMD Abutment props being installed.

Abutment props being put in place - Note white cut line marked on the abutment face.

Kirow Crane in Spalding Sidings

Spalding Sidings - Balfour Beatty Kirow Crane arrives on site.

Kirow Crane

Kirow Crane on site in Spalding.

Demolition Plant on site + Temporary works installed to the Gate Post

Demolition Plant arrives on site - Temporary props installed to the Level crossing Gate post.

Saw cut to the abutment and plywood crash deck over the bails

Cut carried out to the abutment - Plywood sheet placed for the crash deck.

Impost units delivered to Spalding station.

Concrete Impost units delivered to Spalding Sidings from Cornish Concrete.

Bridge Deck units on low loader - waterproofed in the sidings

Deck units delivered to Spalding - waterproofed by Proctor Waterproofing Ltd.

Sleepers and Track being removed form the Track

Main Possession works - rails being removed - sleepers being bailed out for reuse.

Ballast Removed from the bridge deck - ready for demolition.

B&B Demolition - Ballast being removed from the bridge deck.

Demolition in progress

Demolition contractor - carrying out the demolition of the structure.

Demolition shear cutting up the Jack arches

Demolition shear breaking up the brick jack arches.

Girder removed with the shear - note the tie and the fixing

Typical girder removed from the structure - note the tie bar and fixing attached to the base guide plate.

Abutments being removed down to the cut level.

Crash deck being cleared - two excavators reducing the abutments down to level.

Abutment cut down to level - screed being prepared.

The abutment brickwork cut back level - ready for the sand/cement screed layer.

Screed set ready for the concrete imposts to be set.

Sand / Cement screed laid to level ready for the Impost units - setting out points marked out ready for the units.

Kirow Crane lifting moving the concrete units down to the Bridge.

Kirow crane moving the Impost and deck units up the track from Spalding down to Blue Gowt.

Impost Units set into place - Dowel Holes being cored ready for bars.

Two Impost units landed into position - care was taken to set these using lines on the units and points marked in the screed.

Bearings and Polystrene set in place ready for the deck units

75mm thick polystrene sheets were cut out ready for setting around the elastomeric bearings.

Kirow Crane - setting up to lift the deck units.

Bridge Deck unit being set up for lifting into position - the concrete unit sat on timber sleepers.

Kirow lifting in the second deck section.

Concrete deck unit being lifted into position.

Waterproofing being Placed to the deck - Backfill about to start using the bulk bags.

With the bridge deck units installed - the waterproofing was completed the lifting points filled with grout and backfilling started.

Bridge open to traffic at the end of the possession.

The p-way was installed during the possession - GRP Walkway was not installed.

Temporary Speed Restriction in Place and Trains Running.

Temporary speed restriction was put in place at the end of the possession - this was maintained for 7 days.

View on the Crash Deck

View on the crash deck after the possession - note how much the crash deck (straw bails) had compressed under the demolition works. 

Post Demolition - clear up

Post Possession material was cleared off site over the following week.

RMD Props being removed -along with Straw Bails.

Crash deck being removed - from around the RMD prop system.

Track alignment being re-set by 1st for Rail.

Works were undertaken to improve the track alignment during the week - note the temporary speed restriction boards.

Clipped Track Joints

Note the welds were not all completed during the main possession - the photograph above shows the temporary clips.

Welding and stressing the the track. Jacks being set up.

Jacks being installed for pulling the rails for the stressing operations.

Track unclipped and put on rollers ready for stressing.

To enable the rails to be stressed the rails are unclipped and pulled on rollers (see photo) 

Welded joint

Once correctly stressed the joints in the rail can be welded (see above) welding in progress.

Gowt Being cleaned out.

Works progressed through the week after the possession to clear out the crash deck and get it fully open.

Post possession - Gates installed - road opened.

The level crossing gates were reinstalled along with the strails and the road reopened to traffic.

Post Possession GRP and Gates installed

Road open to traffic with the Level crossing back in operation.

Snagging Review on the structure with Network rail.

Timber fences and hardstanding were added an along with the new GRP Walkways installed during the follow up possession. 

Follow up tamp - road closed and Strails removed.

Follow up tamp was carried with a road closure - the strails were removed and then relaid once tamping had been completed.

Snagging complete - Gate, hardstanding and Signs completed.

Snagging items were undertaken - new gate was added along with ballast infill at the gate - signs were added. 

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