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View on Hillidge road West Portal 

Existing Hillidge Bridge - 

Hillidge Bridge East Portal
Existing Hillidge bridge - old redundant piers carried an old station previously demolished. 

Directional drilling to move cables away from the bridge down to track side.
Directional drill being used to divert a global crossing cable down to track level. 

Directional drill - down to tack side with the ducting being installed
View at track level with the break through point of the directional drill through the wall. Note the fence installed at track level. 

Hillidge bridge view on the existing bridge deck - Note the cable boxes and surfacing repairs
Hillidge road view on the existing deck with safety barriers installed. 

Hillidge Road with fence installed over the bridge to enable the deck to be worked on.
Pedestrian fence installed on the bridge to enable the parapet to be removed. 

Alfred McAlpine starting to take down the walls at the south Abutment.
Works to remove the existing parapet started.

Sheet piles on site - the excavator fitting out the hammer ready for piling.
Sheet piles on site - Hammer being fitted to the 360 excavator.

Piling support frame beng installed by Declan.
South abutment - Top frame installed ready for the sheet piles to be installed.

Excavator pitching and driving the sheet piles.
View on the 

Andy Dyer in full flow.
Sheet piles being installing on the South Abutment - Andy Dyer (Agent)  

Walls being removed from the North Abutment.
Works progressing on the North Abutment to remove the corner Parapet. 

Sheet piles being installed on the south abutment while the wall is broken down on the North side.
Sheet piles being lifted into place and driven by the excavator mounted hammer. 

South Abutment digging out with mini excavator
Excavation being undertaken by small mini-digger. 

North Abutment  excavation started.
North abutment dig- top of the abutment being cleared ready for pile installation.

Temporary works RMD props installed infront of the abutments.
RMD - Push Pull props installed as a brace for the abutment wall. 

Sheet Piles being installed on the North Abutment.
North abutment sheet piles being installed - Declan O'shay Foreman. 

Excavator installing sheet piles on the North Abutment
Works progressing on both abutments at once. 

Sheet piles being installed to the North Abutment
North abutment sheet piles being installed with vibro hammer.
Scaffold crash deck being installed on between the south abutment and the pier.

Sheet piles with the corner cut off to suit the services.
North abutment sheet piles installed - the corner cut due to the tight cables on the corner. 

Excavator with grab on site to dig out down the back of the abutment.
Excavator with vertical extending boom and clam shell bucket ready for digging. 

South Abutment dig progressing.
View on the dig -looking at the back of the abutment wall - note teh frames installed. 

South Abutment being excavated out using the grab.
Dig progressing on the south Abutment. 

Grab Excavator working on the South Abutment.
Grab excavator digging out the southern abutment. 

Scaffold being installed as a crash deck between the abutments and the leaf piers.
Scaffold being installed as a crash deck between the abutment and the leaf pier. 

Formation level reached - blinding concrete being placed and compacted.
Concrete blinding being placed at the bottom of the dig following inspection of formation. 

Blinding concrete set and compacted to level with setting out being set.
South abutment - frames installed - note all the frames are three sided using the existing stone face as the fourth face. 

Excavator Grab digging out the North Abutment
North Abutment being excavated out with the grab excavator. 

Dig complete and blinded on the North Abutment.
North abutment dig progressed - blinding concrete placed at the bottom of the dig. 

South Abutment steel reinforcement being inspected.
Steel Reinforcement fixed in the bottom of the excavation - Leeds City Council Mike checking the works.

Concrete being placed with an excavator
Concrete being placed to the abutment lift by excavator. 

Construction joint being formed with blue spray retarded jet washed the next day.
1st lift pour cast - spray retarder applied - this will be jet washed off after 24hr to provide a suitable mechanical key. 

Nofines concrete used as back blinding for the main structural pour.

South abutment - Back blinding with No fines concrete.  

View on the Existing bridge as work progresses.
View at track level - fencing erected up to the bridge on the south side. 

Reinforcement fixed and cast into form the Abutment bearing shelf.
Reinforcement lifts progressing up to the abutment level.

Works progressing at Tayban casting the deck units.
Taliban building the pre-cast units in the Factory in Bolton. 

RMD Temporary works syetem being put together in the Yard ready for lifting in.
RMD Temporary works being formed in the main yard - by Mike Sleigh. 

Temporary works installed and parapet wall removed in possession.
Phase I Temporary works installed during possession - fixed down with grout.

North Abutment reinforcement fixed and set up for formwork.
Steel reinforcement fixed on the abutments  (North abutment) 

Phase I - abutment bearing shelves cast ready for concrete unit installation.
North and south abutment cast - Phase I temporary works installed - ready for precast units. 

Bridge units being lifted into place during the possession.
Pre-cast concrete units being lifted into place. 

Concrete units installed, crane getting ready to be derigged.
Five units installed in the possession - Network Rail agreed that the third edge unit can be lifted in during normal working. 

Five concrete units installed during  a possession.
Post possession pre-cst units installed. 
Concrete parapet unit being installed during normal working.
Final south East parapet unit being lifted into pace during normal working. (yes with the trains running) 

Bridge Deck - steel fixing to the deck.
Reinforcement being fixed on the bridge deck - note the ducts installed for the electricity cables. 

11kva Cables installed through the bridge as the deck reinforcement is being fixed.
Two pairs of 3 phase cable installed in the bridge deck. 

11kva Cables - Vandals try to steel the cables.
Cables run over the bridge - vandals try to steel the cables. 

Cables replaced and repaired.
Cables replaced and jointed up.  

Concrete being Placed using a concrete pump
Concrete being placed to the phase I deck section. 

Concrete pump placing concrete to the bridge deck
Concrete being placed to the bridge deck -using a concrete pump - during normal working.

Formwork being removed from the deck end. Fence being moved to enable the services to be accessed in the old footpath.
Phase I works cast - pedestrian walkway being shifted over to allow access for moving the services. 

Services being onto the the bridge + temporary access being created across the bridge.
New Hoarding being installed on the bridge deck - services being diverted onto the section of bridge.

Hoarding erected - looking toward stop end and the existing parapet.
View on the backface of the new hoarding.

Ramps being created onto the deck - services diverted onto the deck. Temporary watermain feed being set up not the valves.
New walkway being installed for pedestrians running over the bridge - services being diverted. 

Access Ramp created down to track level for the Christmas demolition possession.
New ramp created to allow access for heavy plant to track side during the demolition. 
Deck with the new temporary footway open - all services open ready for demolition.
Armac on site ready to start - all services lifted and shifted - new pedestrian access open over the bridge.

Armac starting stripping the deck during normal working.
Armac starting to remove the surfacing from the bridge deck.

Armac clearing the deck surfacing and services.
Surfacing being removed from the bridge deck. 

Deck clear with all material cleared from site.
Deck cleared of surfacing from the bridge deck. 

Main Possession - Christmas demolition in progress.
Christmas day bridge deck demolition in progress - looking up the track. 
Armac clearing up at track level.
Armac clearing up at track level. 

Armac clearing up the deck - note the timber crash deck.
Armac clearing up - navi-mats put down on the track - Phase I Hoarding in place. 

Track being cleared view on the East Parapet.
View on East parapet during the demolition. 

New Year  - Getting ready for sheet piles.
Post Christmas - works ready to start on Phase II. 

Phase II sheet piles being installed on the South Abutment.
Phase II - sheet piles being installed with a excavator mounted hammer. 

Temporary works support frame being installed with props.
Phase II - South abutment frames and props being installed. 

Phase II - North abtment sheet piles installed with frames delivered to site.
North abutment - sheet piles being installed - frames and props ready to install.

South Abutment steel fixing in progress
South abutment - reinforcement being fixed at the back of the abutment. 

North Abutment sheet piles and frames being installed.
North abutment sheets being driven - frames and props being set to support the sheet pile wall. 

North Abutment - work in progress - snow.
Snow hits site - North abutment props installed to enable excavation to be undertaken to the abutment. 

North Abutment - scaffold installed between the abutment and central pier.
Scaffold crash deck installed infront of the abutment - props and frames installed.

Leaf Piers cleaned up with remedial works done to enable the temporary works to be set up.
Crash deck installed for access - top of the existing pier repaired ready for temporary works installation.

View on the top of the piers looking toward the temporary works support.
View across the top of the existing pier. 

Temporary works being lifted into position on the piers.
Phase II temporary works being installed during the possession. 

Temporary works being installed onto pier.
Phase II - temporary works installed - grouted and set to level. 

Connection between Phase I and Phase II - Ancon MTB couplers and pull down couplers.
Ancon MTB couplers being set up for rebar installation. 

Back of he abutments filled ready for the crane.
Crane platform created ready for main deck section installation. 

Demag 500t crane lifting in the Bridge Units.
Winterlift - crane - set up in possession ready for lifting. 

Concrete Parapet units being connected up for lifting.
Taiban bridge parapet section being prepared for lifting in possession.

Parapet units being installed onto the temporary works.
Bridge Edge parapet being installed on the North Abutment.

Concrete units being lifted into place.
At the end of the possession - bridge deck units being lifted and set in place. 

All concrete units installed ready for steel fixing.
Following the second possession all the bridge deck units are set and installed. 

Concrete units sat on the temporary RMD supports.
View on the temporay works - with the deck units landed. 

Units set onto grout on the abutments - the shims set the units to level.
At the abutment the bridge deck units sat and levelled on grout. 
Deck being prepared for steel fixing - steel delivered to site ready for fixing.
Steel reinforcement - being delivered to site ready for fixing. 

Reinforcement showing on the underside of the parapet unit.
View on the underside of the South West abutment - concrete cover exposed steel.

500T Crane lifting out the defective edge parapet unit and lifting in the replacement unit.
500T Crane - set up ready to switch the defective deck unit.

Replacement Parapet unit ready for lifting in once the crane is rigged up.
Bridge deck unit - ready for swapping over the deck unit.

Mobile crane lifting in steel reinforcement onto the bridge.
Deck steel reinforcement - being installed during normal working.

Crane lifting in steel reinforcement onto the bridge deck
Steel reinforcement being lifted and laid out bridge deck.

Steel duct installed on the deck to carry the new watermain.
Steel duct installed across the bridge - Steel reinforcement being fixed to the bridge deck. 

Steel nearly all fixed on the deck with formwork progressing a the abutments.
Formwork being set up on the south abutment - scaffold access on the deck. 
Concrete being placed to the bridge deck.
Phase II concrete being placed by concrete pump - during normal working. 
Concrete being placed and levelled using a roller screed.
Sword Operatives placing concrete to the bridge deck - screed being used to level the deck.

Deck cast - being covered with damp hessian sheeting.
Concrete deck cast to level and tied into phase I. 

Crane being used to lift screed rails and screed of the deck at the end of the pour.
Bridge deck being power floated.

Deck cast formwork removed - works progressing on the corner pillasters.
Temporary access created onto the bridge deck - works progressing on the North and South West Parapet corners.

RMD temporary works being removed during normal working.
Once the bridge deck reaches a suitable strength - the temporary works was removed - the final section being removed during a night shift.

Steel fixing to the corner pillasters - note bolt clusters.
Corner Pillaster with H4a bolt clusters installed - steel fixed ready for formwork. 

North West Corner pillaster cast
North West pillaster cast with bolt clusters ready to take H4A parapet rails. 

Temporary works fully removed + Scaffold being removed.
View on the West parapet - with the tempoaray works fully removed from the existing piers below.

Temporary works removed leaving the piers redundant and ready for removal.
New structure now fully self supporting from abutment to abutment.

Armac Lifting machines down to track level with a 100t crane.
Armac lifting down excavators to track level ready to start the pier demolition. 

Armac breaking down the piers at track level.
Armac carry out demolition of the redundant leaf piers.

Work progressing to clear up under the bridge during normal working.
Work being carried out during normal working to clear rubble for the side spans. 

Crane lifting the excavators over the track during possession.
Crane lifting the excavators across the track to the North abutment. 

North Pier being broken down - material being fed to the excavator on the deck removing the material to road level.
Works progressing in possession- Armac breaking down the pier feeding the long reach excavtor at deck level. 

Crane lifting out the Machines from track level at the end of the possession.
At the end of the possession the excavators were lifted out by crane.

Pier material stockpiled on the North side of the deck.
Rubble for the bridge pier piled up on the bridge deck - ready for clearing up.

South Pier removed view from track level.
View at track level.

Stirling LLoyd - applying spray waterproofing on the deck.
Stirling Lloyd applying spray waterproofing on the bridge deck.

Spray Waterproofing being applied to the deck.
Bridge deck partially sprayed.

Waterproofing completed on the West Half of the deck.
View on the West half of the deck waterproofed and tack coated.

Sand Carpet laid on the West side of the deck.
Western half of the deck - sand carpet laid ready for Kerbs.

Kerbs being laid on the deck to get the West side of the deck ready for pavement construction.
Kerbs being installed over the bridge deck - H4A parapet being fixed. 
West Side of the deck - New route for general public open.
West Footpath completed - new temporary pedestrian route being created over the deck. 

Temporary works hoarding walkway being removed.
Pedestrian hoarding taken down form the East side of the bridge deck.  

View on the deck - works progressing on the East pillasters and at tracklevel.
View on the West Parapet - H4a. Scaffold being ereceted on the North East corner pillaster.

Works progressing on the South East Pillaster - concrete being placed by skip and excavator.
South East pillaster - Formwork erected - scaffold access set up for concrete.

Stirling Lloyd - spraying the East side of the deck.
East side of the bridge deck being waterproofed by Stirling Lloyd.

Spray Waterproofing complete on the deck with tack coat sprayed ready for sand carpet.
West side of the deck waterproofed and tack coated.

Scand Carpet laid on the deck - services put on the parapet ready for laying out
East side of the bridge deck - sand carpet laid on the deck - services lifted out of the way ready to enable the sand carpet. 

Finishing works ongoing to build the walls and abutment tops.
View on the abutments being made good. 

Ducts and services being laid out on the deck.
 Ducting set up on the bridge deck - services being set up.

H4a Parpets being conneceted up on the East side of the bridge.
V&G installing the parapet H4a rails on the East side of the bridge.

New walls being constructed at the deck ends
New walls being constucted to tie into the bridge.

South West corner footpath being concreted.
Kerbs and walls being installed on the North East corner of the bridge.

Bridge Deck srvices being concreted over.
East Footpath being infilled with concrete - Note sevices being covered with concrete. 

Concrete mesh placed over the ducts on the bridge - being topped up with concrete.
Steel reinforement mesh installed over the first concrete lift ready for concrete top up. 

Footpaths being topped up with concrete.
Footpaths being filled up on the approach.

Base course being laid over the bridge
Surfacing being laid on the bridge deck. 

Surface course being laid over the bridge ready for white lines
Bridge deck being made ready for opening. East footpath surfaced. 

Sheeting being fitted out on the H4a Parapets.
Cop units and sheets being installed to the Parapets. 

White lines laid on the deck - open to traffic.
View on the completed bridge fully open to traffic.

Hillidge Road open to traffic.
New structure fully open to traffic.

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