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  Lunnfield Lane with the plant crossing in place.
Top soil strip being undertaken on the D2D project at lunnsfield lane (Rat Farm). 

Diversion Route under construction.
Diversion route being constructed with heavy plant crossing installed - concrete slab. 

Diversion Route open.
New diversion route open to traffic - with work started ripping out the old road. 

Dan Hawksworth Engineer and Bob Meadows Agent
Bob Meadows and Dan Hawksworth on site setting out the project works. 

Old road being excavated and abutments formed
Earth works in progress Roller compacting material on the East abutment. 

West Abutment earthworks formed and blinding concrete installed.
West abutmen excavated out - material compacted and blinding concrete laid to level. 

Central Pier base formwork being set up.
Central pier crash barrier plinth being set up for concrete. Steel being fixed by Sword. 

Central Pier base cast with Blue retarder sprayed on the kicker
Concrete placed to the central pier base - with the kicker sprayed with retarder - this is jet washed off after 24hrs to give a good mechanical key.

Steel fixing West Abutment Base
West abutment base - steel being fixed.

Lunnfield lane with the foundations being constructed
View on the bridge build area with abutment steel reinforcement being fixed.  

Reinforcement Starter bars being installed
Steel being fixed - column starter bars being installed into the upstand pour. 

Steel being fixed to the East abutment base
East abutment steel reinforcement being fixed. 

Central Pier base cast and backfilled ready for scaffold
Central reserve base backfilled - upstand plinth cast with a kicker for the columns. 

Scaffold being ereceted on abutment and central pier
Scaffold being erected at the central reserve ready for formwork and steel fixing. 

Central pier Formwork being prepared for erection
Formwork shutters for the central columns being prepared for installation. 

Formwork set up around the pier ready for concrete
View on the top of the column - steel fixed in the column - bearing plinth set. 

Concrete piers cast and formwork removed.
View on the central pier columns following casting. 

West Abutment formwork being set up for casting.
West abutment being set up - shutters and steel fixing in progress. 

West Abutment cast Formwork removed - central pier scaffold removed
Scaffolding removed  from around the columns. Issues with the plinth levels stopped the plinths being cast.

West Abutment cast.
West Abutment formwork removed - scaffold being erected on the wingwalls. 

Work progressing on the East Abutment wingwalls
Works progressing on the wingwalls formwork being lifted into place. 

Wingwall formwork set up for casting on the East Abutment.
Wingwall formwork erected ready for concrete. 

Work progressing on the wingwalls on the East abutment.
Formwork set up on the Wingwall on the east abutment. 

View on West Abutment and Cnetral piers
Central pier scaffold erected for access to complete the plinths.

Concrete pump placing concrete to the East Abutment wingwall
Concrete pump placing concrete to the North East Abutment wingwall. 

Formwork being removed from wingwall.
Crane lifting out the Formwork form the wingwalls. 

Build area being levelled and prepared for beams
Central area being cleared and compacted ready for steel erection - formwork being laid down on the batter. 

Bearing and Temporary works set up on the central pier
Bridge bearing set up on the central pier. Mabey Bridge also installed the temporary works frame fixed to the column.

Bearings set up on the bearing plinths.
Bearings set up on the West abutment. 

Beams being lifted into place by FFM
Mabey Bridge installing the steel work lifting and setting the girders. 

Crane setting up to lift girders
300t crane lifting the girders. 

All beams erected and set
Bridge girders up and set. 

Back fill ongoing on the West abutment
Backfill being placed to the back of the West abutment. 

Backfilling being undertaken on the West abutment
Backfilling to the back of the East abutment - note the concrete blocks. 

Scaffold enclosures being erected at connections + Omnia planks on site
Mabey Bridge scaffold welding screen fream being erected  - Omnia planks on site laid out for installation. 

Scaffold trame made up to build Multiform tables
Scaffold Frame made up to enable Sword to start the Multiform build. 

Bridge Looking north - welding enclosures in place
View looking North - Mabey Bridge welding screens set up.

Multiform Frames made up and set ready for erection
Multi forms - being built up and laid out on the batter ready for lifting in. 

Omnia and Multiforms being installed
Omnia planks and multiforms being erected - mabey bridge completed the wlding to the splice joint. 

Multiforms being erected
Multiforms being lifted into place - MEWP being used to disconnect the chains and align the table. 

Multiform set in place with She Bolts
Multiform table installed - T bar "she" bolt fixed through the dragons tooth fixing 

Secondary soffit being fixed on the multiforms
Scondary plywood being fitted out on the deck. 

Reinforcement off loaded and laid out below the bridge
Steel reinforcement delivered to site ready for fixing. 

Omnia Planks shaped on the angle
Special shape omnia planks set up on the final beams and end trimmer. 

Welding and painting the connections complete and scaffold removed.
Mabey Bridge welding tents removed with the joints completed ready for Multiform erection. 

Bridge Deck getting prepared for reinforcement
Bridge deck - secondary plywood being fixed onto the multiforms. 

Screen wall formwork installed - steel being fixed to the screen wall.
Screen wall formwork being fixed - nail holes filled - ready for steelfixing. 

Expansion Joint hardboard and polystrene set ready for steel fixing
Steel reinforcement being fixed in the screen wall - note the polystrene and thin plywood joint filler.

Steel reinforcement papapet cages being prefabricated
Steel reinforcement being fixed for the parapet wingwalls  

Prefabricated cages being set in place on the deck
Steel reinforcement set up in the parapets. 

Lunnfield Lane - steel fixing on the deck in progress
Work ongoing on the bridge.  

Abutment steel fixed in the screen wall.
Steel being fixed to the screen wall. 

Screen wall being capped off with reinforcement
Steel being fixed on the deck - note the down stand bars running over the steel beams.

Reinforcement being set on the deck.
Steel reinforcement - top mat being fixed - N2 parapets being set up on the parapet. 

Stop end being set through the centre of the parapets
Stop end being fixed down the centre of the edge parapet - note the timbers are sat on a drip groove to act as a feature. 

Deck being cleaned ready for concrete
Sto end being fixed down the length of the parapet. 

Two concrete pumps placing concrete form the screen walls inwards
Sword Reinforcement - casting the deck with two concrete pumps.

Concrete being placed on the deck form the two ends in
Deck being cast concrete being placed from the abutments into the centre of the bridge deck.

Parapet being set up for casting
Southern parapet shutters being set up for the parapet. 

Soffit set up on a wingwall -rebar links being set
Wingwall Parapet falsework set up with the soffit set ready for Steel fixing - links set up to level. 

Reinforcement being set up on the wingwall.
Wingwall Parapet reinforcement fixed ready for Formwork. 

Formwork set up on the wingwall prepared for casting.
View along the wingwall parapet looking onto the bridge deck.  

Parapet formwork removed ready for concrete finishing
Wingwall Formwork - stripped out ready for concrete finishing. 

Gary Liddell on the deck looking over the deck. With the deck and parapets cast.
North parapet formwork removed - concrete finishing being undertaken  - Gary Liddell on the bridge deck.

N2 Parapets being installed on the deck
N2 - Parapets being installed by Balmer Lindley. 

N2 parapets set in position edge protection given by the multiforms.
N2 parapets being installed. 

Wingwall grit blasted to remove over painted black jack.
Blackjack painted to high on the wingwalls - removed by grit blasting. 

Bridge deck being grit blasted
Multi-forms being removed by crane - Deck being grit blasted with a rid on blasting unit. 

Waterproofing sheeting being put around the parapets
Stirling LLoyd protecting the parapets with polythene sheeting.

Stirling Lloyd spraying primer on the deck
Primer sprayed on the bridge deck by stirling lloyd. 

Bridge deck waterproofed and tack coat applied
Bridge deck waterproofing being sprayed on the deck. 

Sand Carpet laid on the deck
Red sand carpe laid on the deck. The sand carpet was found to be to high to allow the kerbs to be laid to the correct level. 

Rolling block cast at either end of the bridge.
Rolling block set up and cast of the end of the deck. 

Buried joint being fixed over the deck end and rolling block
Bridge Buried joint being installed by stirling lloyd. 

Buried joint completed over the deck end
Completed bridge buried joint fitted out on the deck and waterproofed. 

Bridge being backfilled on the approach to the bridge.
Lunnsfield lane fully closed with the approach road being constructed. 

Deck drainage channels set up on the deck
Bridge deck kerbs installed over the bridge - from the crown the kerbs change to standard concrete kerbs. 

Black top being placed on the approaches
Ducts being installed in the verge - view on West approach. 

East approach to the bridge.
View on the East approach. 

Paint remedial works being undertaken
Under side of the North parapet. Note the tie holes. 

Balmer Lindley meshing the parapets.
Balmer Lindley fitting the mech to the N2 parapets - note the footpaths have been concreted with Air entrained concrete. 

Surface course being laid on the approach and over the deck.
View over the bridge deck with the final surface course being laid ready fro opening.

Lunnfield Lane Bridge open with the main line well underway.
Bridge being prepared for opening. 

White lines on the bridge. The deck open to traffic.
Bridge open to traffic - white lines laid.

Lunnfield Lane Open to traffic
Bridge open - with the new A1M fully open.