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Barrow Hill Bridge prior to work starting
Existing Barrow Hill Bridge and Footbridge.

Bridge span over the Railway
View looking under the existing footbridge (to be retained) + Barrow Hill bridge to be demolished. 

Side Span being set up for underfilling
Existing bridge - Span to be underfilled with foam concrete.

1st Stage set up for grout underfill
Side span - 1st lift of foam concrete - retained with mesh reinforcement and polythene. 

2nd layer of polythene and mesh set up ready for grout
Polythene sheet inside the mesh reinforcement ready for foam concrete.

3rd Layer being set up with mesh being fixed.
Next lift of underfill being set up for concrete. 

Grout infill
Foam concrete place as underfill to the 3rd Lift. 

Bridge fully underfilled.
Completed underfill last lift poured through holes punched in the deck. 

Wingwall requires removed for the new structure
View on the completed underfill.

Temporary works installed to remove the wingwall and retain the wall.
Temporary works installed to retain the fill on the existing wingwall. The new structure under construction of the end of the wingwall.

New structure under construction.
New structure under construction - once this bridge is open then Barrow Hil Existing bridge can be demolished. 

Eckington Bridge open under traffic lights ready to allow the bridge demolition to start.
Existing bridge open to traffic under traffic lights. 
Road Planner removing the old road.
Existing Eckington Road being planned out - with the new road fully open. 

Cables and services previously diverted onto the new bridge - old cables being recovered.
Existing services - cables being recovered from the existing bridge area. 

Backfilling around the underfilled structure
Underfilled section of the existing structure being backfilled and buried. 

Electricity Cable being spiked.
Electricity cable being "spiked" with a bullet through the cable. 

Excavator  creating the embankment over the infilled deck.
Underfilled structure being backfilled and buried. 

Excavator clearing the remaining black from the deck.
Surfacing being removed from the existing bridge deck - Note the existing gas main on the bridge still "live" blue line.

Crane platform created between the old and new structures
Crane platform being created between the new and existing structure ready for a 100t crane. 

New Gas main being installed over the bridge.
New Gas Main being installed across the new bridge deck. 

Gas main connected up and old main drilled and made dead.
New Gas main being made "live". Note the existing main has been drilled at tapped to ensure that it is empty of Gas. 

Brick Parapet being pulled over from the bridge deck
Parapet being demolished on the bridge deck.

Excavator on the deck clearing parapet.
Excavtor pulling in the parapets and clearing the deck.

SGB Parapet system installed.
Parapet removed - SGB combi-safe fence erected on the edge.
Last of the services being removed from the deck.
Gas Main removed final section of cables being ripped out and cleared from the deck.

Excavators working together to pull in the parapets
Double team - excavators on the bridg pulling in the Southern Parapet.

A small tug and the wall falls over very controlled not one brick on the track below.
Parapet pulled over and pulled in - Not one brick landed on the track.

Dene Illingsworth putting up the edge protection.
Dene Illingsworth - Senior Foreman - installing edge protection Combi- safe. 

Plate load test using a Moxy as dead weight
Plate load test on the crane platform - using the ADT axle.

Holemasters setting up on the deck to cut and drill the deck.
Polyethene sheeting laid on the track - Holemaster start cutting up the deck panels. 

Deck being cut up and holes for chains being drilled.
Deck slabs being cut up - lifting holes for the chains drilled in the bridge deck. 

Cutting and drilling progressing on the deck
Holemaster - cutting the bridge deck up. 

Last of the holes being drilled for the lifting chains
Portable drilling rig being used for finishing the holes on the deck. 

Inspection of drilling and cutting from track level looks - good to go
View on the underside of the bridge deck - looking at holes for lifting points. 

Anchorage bolts and running line installed on the deck.
Ends of the slabs fully exposed. Fall arrest system set up on the bridge deck. 

100t Crane with spreader beam lifting out the first unit.
100T Crane set up lifting out the precast units. 

Chains locked into the cut outs to stop them slipping.
Pre-cast units being lifted out - Note the chains in the lifting holes.

Work progressing to remove the units one at a time
Crane lifting pre-cast units from the deck. 

Once each unit is removed it is stacked up ready for removal and crushing by the excavators.
Cranes - stacking up the units on the bidge deck. 

Last unit being lifted clear Note the running fixing at the centre
David Millar on the last unit getting ready to lift it out. 

Phase 1 Complete.
With the final section removed the crane was de-rigged ready for the next visit. 

Header beam being lifted (worst case lift)
2nd crane visit - 10t lift cross beam being lifted free.

Beam lifted clear from the top of the trestles
Cross beam being lifted free - note the dowels on the underside.

Holemasters using a band saw to cut the legs
Holemasters - using a Bandsaw to cut through the legs of the trestle.

1st leg cut - Chains around the first set of legs - cutting the second leg
1st Trestle set up for lifting. Holemaster cutting the trestle legs. 

Crane lifting the first set of legs to the laydown area
Cut free trestle being lifted on to the deck.

2nd Set of legs being cut
2nd Trestle being cut free. 

Band saw being used to cut the 2nd leg
Band Saw cutting the trestle legs free. 

2nd Trestle being lifted out.
Trestle cut and lifted out. 

Final trestle being cut through
Last trestle being cut free for lifting.

Crane lifting out the final trestle
Completed cutting works last trestle gets lifted out.

Trestles cut down and laid down on the deck ready for removal.
Trestle and header beam laid out on the bridge ready for removal.

North Abutment set up ready for cutting.
View on the abutment ready for remodelling - note the string line on the wall showing the cut line. 

Holemasters installing a wall saw to cut the brickwork.
Track saw being used by Holemaster to cut a saw line on the abutment wall. 

Scaffold set up with wall saw cutting the top section.
Saw cut on the existing abutment - scaffold erected to enable the final section to be cut. 

Ivor King Movax rig removing the sheet piles
Ivor King Movax rig removing the sheet piles from the wingwall. 

Braithwaite Demolition clearing trestles of the bridge as Ivor King finish and move away.
Braithwaite demolition clearing the trestles of the bridge deck.

Excavator pulling in the Parapets
Parapets being removed on the arch span approach.  

Parapets removed.
Parapets removed from the arch spans.

Arch span being broken down
Arches being broken down. 

Central span arch being broken down
Central arch span being broken down.

Arch span being broken down ash fill core can be seen.
Works progressing across the arch spans. 

Arch being broken down.
Arch being broken down - note the ash infill and just how loose the bricks in the arch are as it is broken free. 

Concrete capping beam being pulled off by two excavators
Abutment concrete cill beam being removed - two excavators being used to pull it over - Note the plywood protection on the track. 

Break down of the final section of arch
Abutment being pulled over and broken down.

Clear up of the brickwork
Bricks broken down and loaded away to the crushing yard.

Clear up in progress with North abutment broken down.
Bridge abutments removed - bricks cleared up.

North Abutment cut down ready for coping stones
Abutment cut and the top section of abutment pulled back. 

Crane lifting in stone copings reclaimed from the bridge parapets
Crane lifting in the Stone cop stones - scaffold being used for access. 

Crane and skip being used to break down the final section of the foundations
Crane used with rock skip - operatives breaking out the final 500mm depth of the trestle legs. 

Pallasade fence being installed between the track and the canal.
Profile of the new canal being formed - view on the pallisade face. 

Fence being installed between the canal and the railway.
View on the canal bed - sheet pile and cop wall - pallisade fence. 

Fence installed on the North Abutment.
Pallisade fence installed on the North abutment. 
Final Project completed with fences in place. New bridge fully open.
Completed new bridge with finished fences - bridge fully removed.

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